Thursday, July 8, 2010

Justice of the Slums..

Judy Wanjiku, 26, lost a tooth during an attempted rape in Nairobi's Mathare slum as she walked to a toilet near her home one evening. "It was around 8pm and I needed to use to the toilet. As I walked towards one, I saw a group of men, one of whom I recognized so I knew they would not do anything to me," Wanjiku said. "I called out the name of the man I knew and was surprised when he was the one who held me while the others tried to undress me. They beat me up because I was screaming and one of them knocked out my tooth. My screaming saved me because people came to my rescue as one of the men was removing his trousers." Wanjiku's rescuers helped her to seek medical help.
"Days after I returned from hospital, the gang came after me, wanting to beat me up. I had to promise them that I would not report them or say anything because I reckoned that even if I reported to the police, the police would not be there to protect me all the time," Wanjiku told IRIN on 7 July.
Ordeals such as Wanjiku's, faced daily by many women in informal settlements, are the focus of an Amnesty International report, Insecurity and Indignity: Women's Experiences in the Slums of Nairobi...


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