Thursday, October 13, 2011

Refugees’ Insurgency..!!

in 2010; 52 UN staff were killed, and 30 of NGOs..!

If those displaced people will continue keeping a blind eye on their native insurgents attacking the aid workers; they should also be ready for the day to be left alone..!!

Frankly; I don’t “buy” the advocacy that people can’t stand against the insurgents..  

If they share both will and belief that those are on the wrong side, they will defeat and neutralize them.. Actually, these “suffering” people are sharing the views of their insurgents, and deliberately block the attempts to confront them.. They share gains and euphoria of actions..
Actually; they are much dangerous, as they hide their true feeling towards their “foreign” savors.. This is the dilemma in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere..!!
If they are widely described as Muslim victims; a Muslim is neither a liar nor a cheater..!!
Aid workers seized near Somalia
At least two foreign aid workers in Kenya are kidnapped near the border with Somalia, taken from the world's largest refugee camp...

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