Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Islamic Code: a Man, a Bit and a Dog

Once upon a time in Qurish (The dwellings of old Makkah), Omar bin Obeid-Allah bin Muammar (a wealthy Muslim merchant) had walked by a black man seating and eating at the shade of a wall. The man had a dog in his hands. Whenever he eats a bit; he threw another to the dog.

Omar asked him: Is this dog yours?
He replied: No.
Then, Omar asked again: why you feed him, such as what you eat?
He replied: I am ashamed from who has eyes with a look at my flipped food without him.
Omar asked again: Are you a Free-Man or a Slave?
He replied: A slave of Asim’s, a known family in Qurish.

Omar went to their club and bought both the Slave and dwelling of the wall, and then came back to black man accompanied with his old Master to close the deal.
Once done; Omar said: O’ Brother, I set you free for the sake of Allah swt..
He replied: Praise is to Allah swt alone, and then to who emancipated me..
Omar said: Also, this is the dwelling is also yours..
He replied: Be witness that it is endowed on the City's poor people..
Omar astonishingly asked: Why to do this while you are in need?
He said: I am ashamed that Allah swt grants me goodness I do not share it with others.

This is how early Muslims understood, implement and spread Islam..!

This was my translation, hope correct
The Original Arabic Text
مر عمر بن عبيد الله بن معمر بزنجي يأكل عند حائط وبين يديه كلب، فكان الزنجي إذا أكل لقمة رمى بلقمة إلى الكلب، فقال له: أهذا الكلب لك؟ فقال: لا، قال: فلمَ تطعمه مثل ما تأكل؟ قال: إني أستحي من ذي عينين ينظر إلي أن أستبد بمأكول دونه، فقال له: أحرٌ أنت أم عبد؟ قال: عبد لبعض بني عاصم، فجاء إليهم في ناديهم فاشتراه واشترى الحائط، ثم جاء إليه فقال: أعلمت أن الله أعتقك؟ فقال: الحمد لله وحده، ولمن أعتقني بعد...ه، قال: وهذا الحائط لك، قال: أشهدك أنه وقفٌ على فقراء المدينة، قال: ويحك تفعل هذا مع حاجتك؟ فقال: إني أستحي من الله أن يجود لي بشيء فأبخل به عليه.

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