Sunday, January 29, 2012

Egypt; A year on..

Almost a year on; since the outset of Mubarak’s role in Egypt, yet the new political structures and governmental systems of the country are either incomplete or unborn.. As usual and by the momentum; the Egyptian Spring had invaded the media; despite how the concurrent events in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria were more dramatic and critical.. It is a demographic weight of 81 million against 10, 6, 23 and 21 million respectively.. Many people underestimated the demographic factors when talking about street demonstrations, media production and/or economic implications.. However, the global media was notably fascinated with Tunisian eloquent voting, Libyan fierce fire powers, Yemeni stubborn protest and Syrian stunning bloodshed.. Perspectives of new Arabic order or Civic prosperity were not the hot media attractions..

Despite the historical magnitude and experience of Egyptian public administration; the technocrats had taken over the country.. This breed which had been created and incubated during the last 30 years, with majority of localized immature visions and immoral personalized practices had mastered public skeptics, debates and events.. Gray-Hair (the standard veterans) were not welcomed nor capable to illustrate their 3rd route.. Developing such “Young” revolution carries contradictive attributes: Attempting reaching the skies (Rainbow) and/or Fighting virtual enemies (Don Quixote).. Once the floor is free from wisdom of actions or rationale of practice; “Chaos” is the interpretation and the address..

The former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had introduced the term of “Creative Anarchy” as description for the confusing chronicles of Palestinian Israeli conflict.. Again, was used to describe the emerging unpredictable and uncontrolled series of events across the Arab world; which the media had given the “Sexy” name: “Arabic Spring.. Again, it was excessively and unwisely used among Egyptians, both elite and commons, to describe their developments.. Raw and Half-Cooked are the adequate descriptions, not only for the current political developments, but also for the general order.. It is never an easy job to restore a country after decades of superficiality, marginalization and beneficiation; which were encouraged by regimes and ruling powers.. No wonder that both ideological and dialectical parties are incapable to draw sensible road-maps..

The above sculpture made by the Egyptian graduate students at MIT; to mark the Revolution.. It interprets the whole story.. Only “Letters and Words” describe the Egyptian order..
Did they forget (intentionally or unintentionally) the “Substances”..?

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