Sunday, February 12, 2012


Historically, addiction has been defined as physical and/or psychological dependence on psychoactive substances (for example alcohol, tobacco, heroin, caffeine and other drugs) which cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, temporarily altering the chemical milieu of the brain. Broadly, addiction is defined as the continued use of a mood altering addictive substance or behaviors despite adverse consequences. Some defining characteristics of addiction include impaired control over the substance/behavior, preoccupation with the substance/behavior, continued use despite consequences, and denial.

Addiction can also be viewed as a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it. Pleasure, enjoyment or relief from actual or perceived ailments would have originally been sought; however, over a period of time involvement with the substance or activity is needed to feel normal. Some psychology professionals and many laypeople now mean 'addiction' to include abnormal psychological dependency on such things as gambling, video games, food, sex, pornography, computers, internet, work, exercise, adrenaline, idolizing, watching TV or certain types of non-pornographic videos, spiritual obsession, self-injury and shopping.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine begins their definition of addiction by describing it as "a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry."

Well, my words would sound fanatic, but I’m not..!

Despite how I agree on the role of greed and criminals to extend the addiction, I disagree on social obligations towards those miserable persons.. Despite how I agree on their lost-self-control, I'm not ready to allocate my hardly-gained taxation to bail their insanity.. Despite I agree on how many of them are smart, talented or gifted, I only accept such a definition on who kept awake and productive till their last moment of life, rather than who build their wealth from our false happiness and quick moments of joy..

Those "Addicted-Celebraties" sale the virtual reality to people who are addicted to dreams or others seek temporary escape.. Most of those ill-fated are musicians, players or artists, none of them was a scientist, an entrepreneur or a politician.. Fine arts were always tools to elevate our practice of epistemic life, not to load it with fractured philosophies..

This would tell where the lock is..
It is their chosen path of illusion, where Mankind speechlessly believes controlling the universe.. Look around how many tells you to control your own destiny, while none tells you why you had been created for..
Simply, who promotes the addictions; promotes the materialism too..
Simply they know how to stimulate your senses to be out of them..!!
When a person creates his own referrals.. When he empowers the body apart from the soul.. Look around on this chosen materialistic-world, which most parents feel pity for their kids, where poverty is not seriously fought..
We, the Mankind, chose to be disgracefully ignorant, arrogant and intolerant, despite the glowing swift victories and media showbiz.. Once we created our own manuals, we are governed by preceptions and heading to chaotic disasters..
We simply don’t learn..

Therefore, when darkness fills the sights, and confusion spiral the brains; we are unable to see by hearts..
This was the prescription for all dead civilizations..
The true demise between life and death..


  1. Jerry Ang:
    I totally agree with you, Adil! Whoever abuses his/her own body doesn't deserve to have it long term!

  2. Yes, we should lawfully enjoy our gifts and blessings.. starting from our own bodies and skills and upto our wealth and opportunities.. Hardship is no excuse for wrongdoings.. Wasting our gifted assets on nonsense is never scane or good.. Resting in Peace means accomplishing the whole endeavor, not uprooting the distiny..!!

  3. Jehad Makhoul:
    A drug addict / an alcoholic are no longer in control of their free will... they are enslaved and lost touch with reality, social oligation and own health concerns... their concern in life converges to one aspect.. keep reality away and live in the world that they created through addiction ..even if they sometimes lead them to criminality ...yet, they are not criminals..they are sick people and society, whether we like it or not, has an obligation towards them...the least obligation is to help them... try to bring them back to the real world and try to cure them from their addiction sickness... why? because society one way or another responsible to their ordeal...drugs and alcohol is a lucrative trade...somewhere someone is making lots of money out of addicts miseries... lifestyle, burdens of society (especially for celebrities) are major contributors to addiction... a pusher (supplier of the drugs) is a merciless person who doesnt care about the problems caused... at the end lucrative profit what counts... I personally had been close to addicts and know how misreable they are and how they try to drag people to their miseries... and those who are smart and committed to Life do not slip, yet...having anyone slip should not turn him / her a criminal rather a sick person who needs help ... in many cases they are talented, smart, belonging to financially comfortable circle.... end up is worse in our societies than in western societies, as we keep it in denial and there is no awarness about drug addition or alcoholism ... and worse, an addict is treated as criminal

  4. Jehad Makhoul:
    Addiction has no limited social can hit the entertainer, scientist, entrepruneur, politician, serving soldier, homeless ..Freud was a cociane user (they say user for scientific purpose...a disguise statement for addict!) celebr...ities in arts and showbiz are most highlighted because the media is focused on them and definitely plays a negative role in their addiction... I agree that addicts are annoying, irresponsible, negative, distractive, pan to the society, many a time go criminal, yet, it is a sickness that involv physical and mental disorders due to drugs or alcohol (smoking too..may be not as danger because it is a slow killer)... my experience with friends who fallen for addiction (drugs) I assure you that after a while I abandoned their friendship because they are very demanding patients... it is extremely dfficult to friends to handle so, consider their familes ! a friend's father died of heart attack at 55 because of his son's continued addiction ordeal... a female that belonged to a classy family used to sell sex for a fix...the son of a well known politician used to be seen in the slums where his dealer used to sell drugs and sex ladies ! To that extent drugs is socially distructive ... not to the adict himself but to every one around him...some of the top students I knew ended up quitters with permenant psychological disorders that requires lifetime medication... Addiction cannot be handled single handed and it is not a criminal act...the law in the west incriminates for possessing drugs...but does not incriminate if drugs was found on you are a crimina and you go to jail (afterwards to a rehab facility)..but ifit is found in you are a patient and you o to rehab ! Rehab Centres are very costly and finds finances through tax payers, emotionl and charity funds... Drugs trade is a very lucraive trade and drug business does not pay back in the system any penny to attend to the damages it is illega and those who risk its illigality earns quick and huge sums ! so, fighting drug trade and addiction is a viscious circle and a big challange especially too wealthy nations (the target market for drug traders)... In our Arab World, addiction is looked at as a disgrace to a family and a criminal act (depends on who you are)...influential families manage to keep clean records legally and clinically and publicly... yet socially, it spreads with wordsof mouth...there are limited rehab facilities but limited to those who afford it and it deals with cases secretly ... so names of patients are not disclosed ... I say, addiction requires governmental and social attention spreading awarness at early age, tutoring parents how to deal with addiction... that requires social engagement...on the celebrity side it is more difficult as celebrties are stuck with a lifestyle of their own that already lacks touch with reality... they live in the world created by the media and the studios... a world so fascinating and deceiving that addiction infiltrates easily and takes over especially when this facinating world starts to vanish ...a fascination is sought throuh more and more addiction...until they just lose control and step beyond the limits their bodies can is a pitty indeed that many entertainers entertain through their lives to their own death !!

  5. During the centuries of civilization, “Source of Law” had been redefined to “Philosophy” based rather than “Enlightening” base.. Earlier in times, witches, GBLTs, defectors and serial criminals were unquestionably executed.. It was the agreed code to eliminate the rotten ones from spreading the decay allover.. This was mostly inspired by religions and faiths; which got those “Enlightened” to figure out the purpose of our being and its consequential matters.. At those times, there were Atheists, but no Antitheists.. There was Scientology, but no Antireligion.. There was Enlightenment, but no Secularism.. At those times, people were simply clear about their own “Manual”; believe in “God” and may disbelieve in “Lord” as spelled by others..!!
    In today’s world, definitions are widely different, where people are incapable to understand biblical or sacred statements, and replace them with empirical or academic philosophies.. Oriental beliefs had spread by their easy linguistics and enthusiastic followers, rather than how comprehensive they are.. People of the Texture are busy with their attempts to master the world, rather than the coexistence.. Intellectual faiths are growing fast to replace the purpose of creation from worship into evolution.. The arrogance of Mankind had reinstated him as a sole intellectual in a “Church of Man”, rather than Church of God.. No wonder, the public fantasy on Egyptology is similarly growing.. Their mighty kings were the only ones to claim “Gods”..
    In today’s world, lots of resources are simply wasted by following positive (manmade) laws instead of the divine laws.. Prisons, Rehabs, Penitentiaries and Shelters grow mushroom-alike everywhere.. Expression of “glowing” public offices (Political-Trade, Art of PR, and Voting Harvest), ”complacent” schizophrenia (among self, family and society), and “consensual” social solidarity (CSR, Tax-Waiver, and Social Enterprising).. Both Ego and Arrogance prevent us to realizing that the “Apple Basket Model” is among animals, plants, fruits, actions, moneys or humans as well..!! In one hand we are skeptical on the divine role as referral, in another on the universal role as equalizer.. Today, USA hosts more than 30% of world inmates; who are 7% of its adults, with annual cost more than $80 billion.. Statistics on rehabilitations are deliberately fractured, inconsistent and confusing.. Comfortably, the world spends a $-trillion on corrections and rehabilitation, while spends less on education.. It is a deformed state of judgment..!!