Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Cultural Selection..

Progressive Change in life, or the evolution of cultural trends and habits, only occur when maturity endorse intellectual realization of inheritances that need to change..

Despite how many would revolt and reject the particular customs of their own parents and guardians; they unconsciously tend to literally repeat all of them; once they are parents themselves..

This is how the cultural characteristics survive; and the negative trends as well..!

Notably, women are more attached to their cultural heritage than men.. Their maintenance and celebration of social activities include most of the details that well preserved across decades and centuries.. The gender contract had entrusted them to safeguard the fine characteristics, while men were entrusted to safeguard the land and properties..

This is quite clear in rural communities, while urbanism cast its effect on common behavior in towns and cities.. However, the term urbanism has great controversial landscape..!!

Maturity is not about the biological capacity to breed, but the cultural psychology to sustain the goodness and modify the defects..

Without such smart governance or epistemic auditability; we would still live in caves, wear fur, and diet raw meat..!!

Our Life Cycle

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