Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dancing Leadership..

AlBashir is warming up to dance..!!

Tyrants are not blamed to be, nor Dictators, nor Corrupt Senior Officials..
They are Leaders; despite the noisy objections.. !!

Leadership is not chosen characteristics, nor taught ones; but the collection of personal skills, mysterious appeals (X-Factor) and brand attitudes; which make the audience unconsciously follow, obey and/or accept.. Leadership programs teach how to manage or capitalize on such qualities if a person has.. Not to turn a fellow one into a boss..!!

This is how the commons would adopt the political wrongdoings, would bear the national abuse, and shamelessly would practice schizophrenic behaviors.. This is how many would vote for the abusing leader covertly, shamelessly, or aggressively.. They are not voting for such an unagreeable leader, but voting for their own dominating weakness, ruling confusion and mastering ignorance..

Therefore, it is a waste of time to question how honest, capable or efficient a leaders is.. But how confused, incapable or hypocrite the people are..
This is how change would accumulate, compile and ignite a revolution..

Omar AlBashir is a military commander, who was undoubtedly trained to be a leader.. In military; no one is promoted unless passes minimum qualifications; otherwise the military function will defuse.. Using dances, lies, opponents, allies, sacrifices, taboos, etc., is part of the typical leadership tools; which he had successfully (so far) proved capacity to handle.. This analysis would lead to undermine the creditability of all political opponents, not his own..!!

No one can blame him to fight for the glorious chair of presidency, but blame who allowed him to reach, occupy and abuse this chair.. The entire Sudanese intelligentsia (including the blogger himself) are blamed for being irrational, ignorant, hesitant and incapable to work together (without selfishness and ego) to replace his regime with a better one.. No excuses are acceptable..!!

However, history tells that all successful democracies and urbanism had been brought forward by Machiavelli-style dictators..!!

Why Bush was not criticized for the famous African Dance..??

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