Monday, July 1, 2013

Libya Dinar, Water and Compansations

I'm not into conspiracy theories, as conspiracies are always short sighted or short live, but the following reasons are reasonable to accept, while match my own references and information about Libya with and without Qaddafi..

The main reason for the destruction of Libya was the gold backed currency for the continent of Africa called the Dinar.Ghadafi had planned the African Bank and was leading Africa to freedom from the paper bankers, the imperialists that controlled the poor countries and their assets. This gold-backed currency would have destroyed the paper bankers whose money is backed by nothing. Those paper bankers, the FED and the EURO owned by the Rothschild group would have been destroyed. For this reason Ghadafi had to not only fall from power but he had to die. If he had gone into exile, his mouth would still work.

The second reason for the Libyan war was AFRICOM, the US military control of Africa. Libya was the strongest country in Africa and refused to ever let the US take military control over them.

The third reason was the lawsuit that had been filed by Ghadafi (Libya) against all the Western European nations for all the broken treaties and all the atrocities committed in Africa over hundreds of years by the Western Europeans and the loss of revenue caused by the embargo against Libya for 30+ years. It should be noted that Libya was
not guilty of the Lockerbie bombing as proven by a CIA whistleblower This law suit was for $7 + trillion dollars and it had legs. Western Europe could ill afford this kind of debt so they happily joined in the destruction of the sovereign nation of Libya

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