Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Declined Egyptian Voting

(The head of the election commission told the MBC-Misr TV station that early estimates put turnout at 35 percent of the nearly 54 million voters in the first two days of voting. That would be a significant drop from the 2012 election that Morsi won, which had a turnout of just under 52 percent) Associated Press

 This is not a complicit score by M-Brotherhood and affiliates, but a simple sociopolitical downturn.. Exaggerating value of democratic attributes, while majority are torn between religious and moral qualities.. Irresponsible noise by intellectuals, which had blown the confidence in the change process.. Lack of national charisma, despite affiliation to charismatic histories..

I would advise everyone to read or watch (Al-Harafeesh) of Najib Mahfoudh; to restore the essence of leadership that Egypt seeks and needs..

Personally, I don't believe in 3rd world "Intelligentsia" as triggers for change.. Not only they are distant from the common public.. But they lack any attributes of statesmanship.. They mostly are tactical politicians in intellectual camouflage.. They may deter the public by confusion, but unable to provide any healthy sustainable change.. 

I shall call it Egypt Syndrome..!

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