Monday, August 16, 2010

Muslims in USA..

Well, this is the USA today..
6 are hysterically against Muslims..
12 are Angrily with Muslims..
Yet, 22 are idle expressing nothing..!!


  1. Bitter statistics: Alarming rise of Hate Crimes in America. I feel the media and politicians are fueling the rise in hate crimes against Muslims in the western world for it keeps the rest of the minorities in check/ fearful and disconnected...

  2. I can't agree less on your theme.. Not only for wider control on minorities, but also to consume the population (and their moneys) in circyles of unnessary actions, feelings and interpretations.. The western trape is simply the evil alience among politician, businessmen an media magicians..!

  3. Thank you Adil, here in the UK it's not that bad, just that sometimes you are treated with less respect but the worst of all is when you are treated with indifference because they are ignorant. Although as you can see that the younger generation are mostly more open minded.
    Najiah Rupp

  4. Actually I have to disagree a bit. Hate crimes are not on the rise in America. There are perhaps less hate crimes here than in our own dear old Asia and Middle East. Most of American media is one sided and hysterical and brands everyone a bigot. Bigot is someone who has some common sense and doesn't get carried away by hype. Has Adam above experienced real fears of minorities? have him travel or live anywhere but the west. Joyce.