Monday, September 26, 2011

Character of a Leader..

A dangerous tendency among Arabic speakers that military are just failed ones who hold fire arms.. You can find many evidences thorough the present history.. The advocacy claims how the recent political changes; led by “sincere” young military; had ended up in unprecedented chaos, painful back wording or sever corruption..

Till end of 1970th; almost all 3rd world nations had gained independence, new socioeconomic looks and cultural inspirations by young military; who had used their "fire arms" to bring the change.. When the newly-born civic generations claimed to be more knowledgeable and capable; they cursed the military for all the evils.. They forgot that no military had claimed mastering civil knowledge; apart from Gaddafi..!!

It was a viscous circle of root/causes.. The public decline military capacity to led; dishonoring their profession.. Then the new military breed lose the substance of their existence: Leadership.. Only the military can “naturally” conceive strong leadership.. Not the civic institutions.. This fact had been kept hidden from the 3rd world crowds; who kept searching among the civic totems for leaders..

Recently; with massive lobbying from politicians and academics, institutions start to draw a syllabus for civic leadership; particularly in MBA programs; which are led by various interpretations of “Art of War”..!

It is not a matter of siding to one against the other, as both civic and military form the capacity of our society.. People should get real and be aware that no one can exclude the other from the patriotic formulas.. We all shape the nation and the culture.. We all defend both..

Pls. follow these wonderful episodes, where Maria Bartiromo of CNBC glues civic and military excellences.. The mighty; yet meaningful American way..!!

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