Tuesday, September 27, 2011

World Eonomy..

I tried to understand the World Economy on my own way
Based on CIA surveys in 2010:
Some economic data for sample troubled and secured countries..
I can see the odd numbers that are associated with unrest
It seems if:
Service Sector is getting higher than 70%, or
Exports are below 10%, or
Public Debt is 60% or above..
You would need not only austerity measures..
But crisis preparedness..!!

The uncontrolled growth of service sector means extraordinary growth of technocrats, knowledge based professions and virtual products.. This how the famous financial products were created, promoted, served and inevitably led to the financial crisis of 2008..

Similarly, the decline of the exports; which are the value of tangible products; would discourage investors and entrepreneurs from producing tangible products; which are required for peoples’ life.. Such industrial or manufactured products will be traded for real moneys..!

These comparisons have no political merits..
Yet; politicsa are within; for planning and managing economics..!

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  1. In my Sudan, numbers are:
    GDP: 100 bln
    Growth: 1%
    Agriculture: 30%
    Industry: 30%
    Service: 40%
    Exports: 10%
    Imports: 9%
    Inflation: 13%
    Public Debt: 92%
    Population: 45 mln
    Labor: 26%
    Unemployment: 19%
    Literacy: 61%
    Poverty: 40%
    Urbanism: 40%

    Sudan is an endangered state because of too-much-Agriculture, Poverty and Urbanism..!