Sunday, February 19, 2012

Occupy the Arabic Media..

Journalism.. a coalition among accidental 3Ps:
Politicians, Professionals and Plotters..

The Media Professionals are mostly lost between Politicians and Plotters..
A life Cycle between "Water-Gate" and "News of the World"..!!

To deliver a message; Mass Media "Has To" monopolize ears, eyes and “sexual” senses of the audiences..
Twisting logic and rationales by repetitions, distractions and stimulations..
Despite the few decent ones within; They all follow the "Code"..!!

The only "Industry" with “Affiliates”; who claim to know consciousnessly better, think epistemically better, feel insightfulnessly better and also abused aggressively more..!!

When the lab contains Illiteracy, Poverty, Arrogance and Moneys
The Product is filthy, smelly and awful..!!

Someone should call to “Occupy the Arabic Media”..!


  1. قال عليه افضل الصلاة وأتم التسليم في حديث طويل في مامعناه ..
    وإتقوا فتنا كقطع الليل المظلمه يصبح الرجل مؤمنا ويمسي كافرا ويصبح كافرا ويمسي مؤمنا .. ويخون الصادق ويصدق الأمين وينطق الرويبظه فقال الصحابه وما الرويبظه .. قال الرجل السفيه يتحدث في أمور العامه ..

  2. The Prophet PBUH; had said in a long Hadeeth; what means:
    Beware of times of chaotic disturbances; when a man wakes up a believer and turn an infidel by evening.. Or wakes up as an infidel, yet becomes a believer by the evening.. When the sincere one been falsely accused; while the cheater been believed.. and “Alroabzah” advises..
    The followers asked: Who is “Alroabzah”..?
    He answered: The foolish-man speaks in the Public matters..

  3. Mohamed Ayoub Fadlallah
    اصابة فى الصميم ، وكل الذى اخشاه ان تفلح الجهود الساعية الآن من قبل الدول الكبرى فى السيطرة على فضاء الانترنت عندها سيفقد وعى الناس المستقل قنوات اتصاله مع الغالبية المكتوية بخداع الميديا عالمية كانت ام عربية .

  4. There are three groups within the governments, who manage the mass media; either state owned, private or cyber.. Politicians; who want to streamline the choices to their orientations.. Bureaucrats; who want to regulate activities within particular code of compliances.. and Executives; who only care about their regular paycheck..! This is typical to Government Performance; in any sector, in any place.. Typically, these are 3%, 15% and 72% respectively.. It sounds unbelievable; but everything refers back to the “Bell Syndrome”.. Free media is (and will) never be welcomed by any officials.. Free media will encourage people to share complaints, facilitate gathering and echo demands; whatsoever.. Notably; the law enforcement famously quote: “Homes are always the best place for people to be, act or violate...!”

    On the peoples’ side; commons are always less interested in public mutiny or protest, unless their basic and fundamental securities are provoked.. Civic Leaders use the civic unrest as muscles-game with authorities, rather than delivering reliable programs or schemes.. In between, there are the (young enthusiastic) operatives, who are employed by both Governments and Civic Leaders to echo the debate in more violent and/or more mobile mode.. This is how civic unrest compiles and act.. The three groups are typically 72%, 3% and 15%..!

    Regretfully, the fatal influence of the politicians is not in structuring and imposing schemes to control the media; but in hindering any attempts to create, activate and enforce “Code of Conduction” among the Mass Media Professionals.. Worldwide; their performance is deliberately lift unattended or regulated.. Sometimes there are calls for Code of Honor, Syndicate Powers or Internal Audits, yet still malfunction.. The famous Compliance Panels in UK, USA or Europe claim maintaining the fine demise between Democracy and Enterprising of the media.. Simply, it is a plotted misconception to keep intact the famous triangle of Money, Politics and Entertainment..!

    The security demand to control the cyber space is currently replaced with complex privacy protocols to enable automated data bases.. Yes, it stands on Peoples’ naivety and ignorance..! As how currently all ID documents; are unified for “A Global Security Network”; the same is developed for cyber users..

    Therefore, I’m less concerned about management of the media platform, but more on the integrity of media intelligentsia.. If it happens, both Governments and People will be happy, and living in “virtual” peace..!