Thursday, March 1, 2012

GDP Productivity Index

The experiences tell how many development projects and schemes were hindered by troubled and confusing statistics and data.. It is actually a matter of formulas’ orientation and setting.. Few days ago, it was announced that Qatar tops the world income per capita.. The huge reserves or Gas and Oil had made a great difference in such ranking.. Being in Qatar few months ago, I was intellectually comparing their GDP ranking to their actual urbanism and wellbeing.. Yes, people will differ in their perception and measures of welfare and life style, depending on their exposure to theories and implementations.. Yet, I do believe that most of the people share the same simple desire, demands and dreams of comfort, security and aspirations..

Therefore, I had restructured the GDP data, eliminating revenues from Gas & Oil; while examining the distribution of wealth on labor forces not on citizens.. The outcomes were amazingly different..!

Initially, we need to agree that there are five economic clusters which compulsory in any country:
Industry (including mining, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals)
Farming (including agriculture, food industries, fisheries)
Construction (including engineering, real estate and infrastructure)
Services (including financiers, tourism and mass media)
Logistics (including energy, transportation and transit)

For the sake of simplicity, each should has equal share of the GDP, around 20%.. Imbalanced stakes will represent disequilibrium states of both community and country.. Maintaining these clusters will develop the necessary foundations for sustainable security and livelihood..

Urbanism is the direct interpretation of economic stability and growth.. Housing, Healthcare, Education, Employment and Government are the main KPIs to measure appropriation, efficiency and effectiveness of both public administration and civic society..

The created index divides the countries into five categories according to the GDP share a labor has.. This is very much relates to the economic shares of Industry, Services and Logistics, downwards..

Group A: from $ 70,000 onwards

Group B: $ 50,000 t0 69,999

Group C: $ 30,000 t0 49,999

Group D: $ 10,000 t0 29,999

Group E: below $ 9,999

I guess this GDP Productive Index will have lots to elaborate..!!

All illustrations, calculations are available at:

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  1. Three countries are statistically failed to transform their natural wealth into stable economic clusters: Norway, Qatar and Brunei.. These countries are living on debt of future Oil & Gas revenues.. Unless serious plans will be structured, no one would grant what future will bring..!!