Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why they are Sentimental..?

Between the pragmatic western hemisphere and the Machiavellian eastern one; the Middle East represents a unique and mysterious phenomenon..

Middle Eastern, particularly the Arabic speakers; are too sentimental and acutely passionate people.. They unconditionally and unconsciously exercise their exaggerated emotions in all aspects.. The readiness to scarify life equals the fight for it.. Hatred would balance love.. Generosity would confuse greed.. The behavior patterns are mostly typical; yet distinct in features.. The geographical location and resources had attracted many concepts to flourish and equally grow.. Alike the food cuisines, the Arabs do not have their own, but a historically compiled one form all surrounding nations.. Arabic food is mixed and evolved Turkish, Persian and Indian menus..!

Since early times; there were nothing attractive in the desert lands of the Arabs.. Apart from the Romans needs for Egyptian grains and gold; no one was targeting any glory by capturing or colonizing the middle Eastern territories.. Later, the Ottomans had revived Caliphates concepts by reaching for the main Islamic centers in Cairo, Damascus and Baghdad, in addition to the holy city of Makkah.. Reviewing the trails of invading armies, it is clear in most cases how their targets were beyond the Middle East itself.. Only Mongols were mysterious in their attempt to concur the Middle East, who had probably traced the gypsies’ early migrations..! However, two counties had seen it all: Euphrates Valley of Syria and Nile Delta of Egypt..

Arab World is the central among all other nations; which inevitably had brought all campaigns, missionaries and expeditions across.. As usual, the cultural exchange with the others happened upon the first confrontation; by developing typical negative concepts.. But once those legions crossed towards their targets, slow collective assessments were developed, about their different way of doing things.. Later, when the concurring armies would return back in their way home; welcoming gestures will develop on parallel to the early hatred..!!
This is the typical cycle that happened with Romans, Greeks, Persians, Ottomans and modern colonials.. Careful analysis in today’s’ culture across Levant, Lower Nile, Mesopotamia and North Africa will reveal the contradicted and conflicted characteristics.. The cycle of invade, cross, and return had typical took around 200 years; or six generations; which is enough to seed and grow new cultural elements..!!

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  1. I was investigating: Why Democracy is an Alien in Arab World..?
    I had to review history, geography, and folklore to find an answer.. I do not claim it is a final verdict; but in architecture we had learnt that the first design concept is the most appropriate one..!!

  2. Kathleen Wells
    From my limited experience, this seems true.

  3. Moonfleet Eldai
    Ok, reactionism, let me call it that way, u find it in new papers, fiery sermons, polarised public opinion and the resorting to Moral Panic as an instrument to elicit support from ur follower or voters, this way, democracy is in fact abused by the deceiving politicians and as well by the unthinking masses.

    Is this unique to the Arab world?, democracy or what seems to be a deformed apparition thereof is practiced to varying degrees and u can find echoes of the above statement reflected in the political practice of many (eg, Holland's Wilder, the priest calling for burning the Koran and so forth ).

    But what does science say of why democracy tend to terribly fail/dwindle to a game of boards ?

    Now, think about how stupid an average person, such as myself ,can be, and you are going to realize that half the population are stupider than that :-SYahoo! News

  4. Moonfleet Eldai

    Examples and context of moral panic panic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A moral panic is the intensity of feeling expressed in a population about an iss...ue that appears to threaten the social order.[1] According to Stanley Cohen, author of Folk Devils and Moral Panics (1972) and credited as creator of the term, a moral panic occurs when "[a] condition, episode, person or...

  5. Thanks Hisham for your marvelous input..
    Maybe I don’t support the moral panic theory as it concentrate on an occasion not a trend.. For me; Democracy is a cultural heritage rather than a timely event.. People learn the democracy over centuries, as expressed convection of no further Divine Rights, Political Patriarchy and/or Blue Blood syndromes anymore.. Leaders have to be named by peoples’ consent and free-choice.. Therefore, I was searching about those seeds within the Middle East to understand why Democracy is notably hindered, and threaten by death sentences.. Tunisia, where indicators had marked concrete transformation, starts to shake with political game and unpreparedness..

    Bell syndrome is an old theory, which is unbeatable till date.. Its applications are vast and covers any activity whereas people are the main gear.. It tells that majority would surrender the decision to their chosen representatives and leaders, without understanding the political details.. It speaks about the historically-unspoken “Moral Contract” between politicians and the public.. Thanks to the 1990:2010 series of local US scandals; which had made the universal public further aware of integrity-based selection rather than the typical fame-based one.. The new discovery has the “Fantasy” to assume that all voters should understand, while factually 70% are usually don’t, and not interested..

    During the last century, it was proven that either “iron-curtain” the people for remolding; or allow for humane interactivity to evolve the political practices.. Only Tunisians were closer to the ultimate success; as how their abroad groups elevated the political dialogue and brought on the table awareness of rationales and innovations.. Other Arabs could not do the same for two reasons: Arrogance and Illiteracy.. Many activists had believed in their own resources; which notably not ready and lack accreditations.. Also, they had unconsciously copied the Eastern Europe movements; despite the fact of historical expiry..