Thursday, April 26, 2012

Memorization of Quran

Katheem had questioned on how the non-Arabic speaking kids been able to memorize Quran..?

I guess this is not the problem, as kids have that unique ability to memorize as part of their natural learning curve.. However, Religious Schools across the Muslim World had followed a simple technique of daily and continuous reciting sessions, with both incentives and penalties.. It had worked successfully for more than 1400 years..!
In addition, the honor and glory a Quran Memorizer would receive among his peers, community and family is the greatest incentives for working hard on his goal.. There are many religious morals within both reciting and memorization, which each Muslim feels the urge for..

Islam recommends the memorization of Quran, which helps to perform rituals, prayers and teachings.. It should be in parallel to a least level understanding; which is usually and unfortunately taught by unqualified teachers; who had been brought up by the same process.. End-Result: Divide between Deeds and Says.. Misalignment between Heart and Mind.. This is the Taliban Story..!!

This is the core linguistic divide among Arabs and Muslims in understanding and implementing Islam..

In traditional Arabic; the extended interpretations, the linguistic ingredients and eloquence capacity can either sail to unlimited expressions or dive into confusing symbolism.. This is not only a dilemma for non Arab to deal with, but also for the Arabs themselves.. The modern Arabic is too simple that downgrades the meanings or been inadequate to explain..!!

Quran Memorization by Non-Arabic Speakers kids

Quran Reciting by Non-Arabic Speakers kids

Arabic is never an easy language to learn; whereas its Sematic liguitic group varies a lot from others.. The same Applies to Hebrow, .. It is an issue of the structural composition rather than phonatic and expressions.. Accordingly, the logic varies, which make it uneasy for foriegners to learn, or for upcoming generations to uphold..

Arabic is my mother tongue.. I guess I master it enough to avoid not using it in epistemic discussions..!!

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