Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Day After

It seems my predictions are coming true..!!
2nd round, then suspension if necessary till rewrite the constitution..!

Egyptians are mostly in a State of Shock..
Who supported a candidate, and who denounced another..
All of them are dizzy with the results they did not want to hear about..
The day after comes with headache and confusion after the overdose of unearthly wishes and unrealistic dreams..
In Egypt today; None is a winner.. All are losers..

They all missed the opportunity to build a Progressive Public Consensus..!!

We had used to condemn our Sudanese politicians for their continuous and obsessed attempts to replica the Westminster culture and processing into Sudan..
It seems that Egyptian politicians had made their minds to replica the Washington D.C extravaganzas, tactics and games into Egypt..
The Sudanese had forgotten the role to stick to their political realities.. The Egyptians forgot their Statesmanship legacies..!

Ok.. The Egyptian Presidential Election is not an Egyptian issue..
It is an autopsy of the Arabic political landscape.. It is definitions and characterization of all exposed and hidden players in the Arabic power games..
Everyone is well defined now..
Everyone has to carefully mind his own business..
The coming will never be the same..!

Regretfully, some respectful and promising academics and commentators had slipped within the intellectual spiral or the media extravaganzas of Egypt.. They imagined fictions in politics, utopias in conflicts and dreams in atrocities.. Among... the poor, needy or marginal people; none of them had lived or experienced.. Among the short-to-reach, none had sympathized.. Among the depressed, none had shared.. It is the scandalous stats of Arabic Intelligentsia.. They had proved incompetent to share the future..
They had proved illiterate..!

Some voices are coming out on possible deals among the candidates to block the so-called "Mubarak Regime" to revive again.. As how the incompetence is proven among Egyptian politicians, elite and literates, it is similarly hilarious talking about Mubarak..
It is not Mubarak's Regime, but the Egyptian one.. It can't be replaced in a swift election or single term.. It will require a decade of reasonable performance among all political affiliates to reach a consensus..

Regretfully, most Egyptians insist on how it is their own local game, despite the obvious magnitude and processing..

They insist to isolate themselves, while the scheme is never Egyptian..!!

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