Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rebirth is an Urban Quality..!


Do you watch herds inside the Cities..?

Even so, protests and riots are debate focused rather than violence..

It happens that urbanism is my core profession and interest..!

Therefore, communications hurdles between who are “committed” to Sudan, meaning who can’t live without; and who believe in Sudan, meaning who envision its human substances, are great.. Different concepts and approaches.. Simply, some are urban, others are not..!

Not only in Sudan, but across many communities, people use some terms despite the glitches.. Urbanism, Intelligentsia and Statesmanship; if we scrutinize the chronicles, I doubt to find what would support their practical existence..

Civilization would develop philosophy, literature and arts, while urbanism creates social order.. If we miss urbanism, we have no order to revolute against or to advocate for..

This is the epistemic gap where Neo-Islamists penetrated.. and will stay for a while.. We have “urbanely” to admit the wrongdoings..!

There is no religious establishment in Sudan, but the fragmentation of political Islam between folkloric roots and modern innovations. While the tradition of Alwanasah (Chat) abbreviates all urban attributes, the limited and poor civilized demands had produced political, patriarchal and elitist traditions, which in turn had conceived a pastured who became their own Master. Perhaps the beginning is the linguistic removal of the word “Cultured Person”

The Asian applications, despite the sever corruption..!
Whereas the 6 national estates are respected, preserved and maintained.. No confusion, greed or penetrations.. Each play their role, or migrate to another..

Finally, I have an issue with the Stars of conferences, newspapers and saloons.. and another with who would text the name in Arabic, stating with letter D..

إعادة الولادة هى مفهوم حضري

لا يمكنك مشاهدة قطعان داخل المدن

وحتى مع ذلك ، فان الاحتجاجات وأعمال شغب تركز على النقاش بدلاً من العنف
التمدن هو مهنتي الأساسية ومحور اهتمامي
الحواجز الكبيرة في الاتصالات بين الذين هم ملتزمون للسودان ، وهذا يعني الذين لا يستطيعون العيش من دونه ، وبين الذين يؤمنون في السودان ، وهذا يعني من لديهم تصور بشأن كيانه والبشر فيه. هناك اختلاف عميق في المفاهيم والمناهج ، ببساطة ، بعضهم حضريون ، والبعض الآخر ليس كذلك
ليست هناك مؤسسة دينية في السودان ، بل تشرذم الاسلام السياسي بين فلكلوريات متجذرة ومستحدثات منقولة. وبينما تختزل تقاليد الونسة كافة المنتجات الحضرية ، فان الارتسامات الحضارية القائمة على محدودية وفقر الطلب ، قد أفرزت تقاليد سياسية وذكورية ونخبوية ، والتي بدورها تلاقحت لتنجب سِفاحاً يتسيدها. لعل البداية أن ننزع من لغة الضاد كلمة مثقف

على الرغم من استشراء الفساد ، فان التطبيقات الآسيوية تمثل مثالاً جيداً

في حين يتم احترام الأصول الست لكيان الوطن ، يتم الحفاظ عليها وصيانتها ، دون أي التباس ، أوجشع أو اختراقات. كل يلعب دوره الخاص ، أو ينتقل الى دور آخر

أخيراً ، لدي مشكلة مع نجوم الصحف والمؤتمرات والصالونات .. وأخرى مع ممن يكتب اسمه بالعربية ، مسبوقاً بحرف د


  1. retfully, most parameters for progressive sociopolitical changes are not comfortably or effectively found..!!!!
    Despite the smart fuels by socialists and seculars; Sudan; has a long way to go..
    The MB-Enterprise in Sudan is unprecedented... and uneasy to dismantle..
    In addition, there is no leadership (active or growing) to adequately address the critical issues of Identity, Governance and Resources..

    It is a students movement, with no actual street one.. Regardless how noisy, hot or bloody these protests are, there is no adequate leadership, nor a collective will for change..

  2. Arabic speakers had collectively and implicitly decided to revolute against any form of leadership, reflecting the decades of dictatorship, fake democracies, waste of resources and broken hopes..
    An expression of freedom and liberty..
    Current leadership fetuses are born defective deformed and imputed.. People don’t help them to grow or to breathe, as the magnitudes of public frustration became unbearable and unforgiving.. Older leaders are either in dementia or paralyzed, while their younger ones are not confident or equipped to lead.. Ironically, these youngsters became leaders not by path, but by coincidences..!
    This is unprecedented, as leadership is a genuine human substance..
    Therefore, all heat and restlessness are simple childish hyperactivities, not epistemic additions to their own legacies..
    However, time will shortly tell..