Thursday, December 27, 2012

Project Management on Political Egypt..

e-Government Chart by PMI

My friend and colleague Khaled Mostafa Etman had posted on Facebook; interpreting the Egyptian (and Arabic) uprisings into project management theme.. I had expressed my vision:

People are Owner, Gov is a Client Rep, Assembly is the PM and political parties are the Contractors.. In this process Gov has a combined role as CR & Consultant; which creates the chaos..

If Maturity achieved; PM will transfer and super...vise the Consultancy role from Gov to independent agencies, i.e., Public Auditor, Public Accountant, Public Manager, Public Prosecutor, Attorney General, Public Surveyor, Public Engineer, Central Bank, Public Land Bank, Surgeon General, Public Scientist, Public etc.

In this process; Contractors will compete to propose best bids (political Agendas), which Consultants will examine with 1st right of refusal based on competences, capacities and integrity.. Media as whistleblowers; will seek to know Consultants' assessments to spread the word to the Owner..

The Owner would choose who is competent enough to be the PM..

The optimum success for any Political Party is to synchronize being both PM and CR.. Maturity will enable defusing possible Dictatorship by true Estate Set-up, whereas all powers and authorities are balanced and integrated in favor of the Owner..

Therefore, it is all about the Maturity Processing or PMO.. and the integrity of strong Independent Agencies..

However; it starts and revive with reliable SOW, RRM and Contract.. Yet, most contracts are ridiculously corrupt, RRM is great enigma, and SOW is adolescently defective..!!

BTW; Contracts are about Conditions Precedent, while RRM is synonymous to quality..

Critically JD, Risks and Liabilities are much related to mature understanding of the Development/Project (Country or Nation).. If there is no Governance provided by a Senate House or Civic Syndicates (The Intelligentsia); which are entrusted by the Owner to set Criteria, Compliances, and Approvals on ranking of both Consultants and Contractors..

Most Contractors claim themselves eligible and capable, while they are not.. Inevitably; they expose the Development to Major Risks in both convenience and delivery, while there is no proper mechanism to hold them Accountable and Liable for poor performance..

Transferring the Risks by Insurance Policies is never sufficient, if the project is under constraints; while most Contractors are not familiar with PR2 Methodology..!!

Finally, the true dilemma develops within the Senate House itself, which is not truly trained or capable to perform; making their inputs to the entire process; immature, chaotic and improper..


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