Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sudan:1989 - 2012

Sudan between 1989 and 2012
This excludes Partitioning the South, for easy modeling..!

Sudan was the 1st to be ruled by Muslim Brotherhood since 1989.. A MB pilot model for all Arabs and Muslims countries.. MB are the same everywhere, therefore people should get heads-up on Sudan..!!

Marwa Abdulwahed: I dont think its only the people who are pushing MB forward for ruling i believe its international; hence they make sure that we are going backwards

I admit that MB are smarter than other political fictions, as simplified the process in a very pragmatic manner.. Most common people would value earnings more than freedom, especially when religion comes as a factor in their perceptions.. This is how MB score and rule..

Yes, int'l elements are there; tactically not strategically.. as happened earlier with rotten regimes across 3rd world.. No one would believe that Christian West would support a Muslim Orient.. It is just pure politics.. and mutual interests..

Anyways, we have to get ready for few decades with MB rule..!
Therefore, everyone should follow Sudanese chronicles..!!

Marwa Abdulwahed: agreed full apart from MB decades ruling forecast! they will be burned by their own fire sooner than that!

MB are already ruling Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt.. The Strongest Party in Algeria, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan, Mali, Yemen and Kuwait.. Supported by the 2nd richest country per capita: Qatar.. Utilizes conservative regimes and communities in GCC, Central Asia and African Sahara.. Controls annual charities of US$ 700 bln.. and recruits more than 10 mln devotees across the Muslim Communities, including North America..

Therefore, I assume scraping them from positions of power or political arenas is likely difficult, if not impossible, considering demographic, development and cultural landscapes..

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