Friday, November 22, 2013

Violent Crowd Control

Not all protests serve nobel values and legitimate demands; as many ill-motivated persons would use the event to exercise their own psychic anger and behavioral deformation to destroy properties and create chaos..
This is why Riot Control became an art to show authority, resilience, and mightiness; with aims not to capture but to defuse and weaken..

Principles of Crowd Control are scientific and technical rather than random exercise of power.. Behavior Analysis plays the key role..
The Operational Codes are certainly open for innovative implementations as per the local culture and severity moods..
Yet, almost relay on spreading fear, pick riot leaders and efficiently defy the outnumbered activists and sympathizers..
Failure to Control the Crowds would disturb the whole society and open the door for chaotic situations beyond any predictions or control..
Poor Training of anti-riot squads is the kiss of death of public order..
In a way, Arabic Spring was an excellent example of Crowd Control failure..!!







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