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Racism, Reverse Racism and Slavery

A British Gypsy Wedding

Illegal Organ Sale in India  

Ethiopian Maid publically tortured in Lebanon

To start with, the notion (below) should address all people, not only the white ones.. However, I agree that most Arabs will not agree, as well as the many fair-skin ones.. Yet; Racism is universal..
Mankind is almost racist by default; reflecting tendencies for power, greed or self esteem; mixed with disagreeable historical and religious concepts.. Therefore; among most cultures and nations, people are implicitly categorized by skin, wealth and religion.. Yes, racism declines by literacy, development and governance; yet, it stills surviving; publically or hidden..
The more people are illiterate, poorer and darker; the more they are sensitive to racial classifications.. Along the social upgrading; people are further racially sensitive; exaggerating their responses; which would deepen and expose the contrary.. This is how ethnic cleansing had widely spread at Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe (where people are mostly alike) rather than at Mediterranean, North America or Western Europe..
In today’s world; the more people are literate, wealthier or fairer, the more they leave racism behind.. I had personally witnessed the same in Europe, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Nile valley and Arabia.. My epistemic gauges towards racism are simple three: cross-race matrimonies, ethnic representations at public office, and racial-trends in media and marketing..
Being affiliate to racial minorities among others, and to dominating majority in Sudan, enables me to observe the racism in practice.. Reverse Racism is temporary state of mind; whereas racial minorities deliberately avoiding reconciliation with the dominating others.. This happens by practicing the three gauges of mine: denouncing cross racial marriages, ignoring competition for political or public service, and invent parallel media and marketing channels.. There are lots of examples to confirm..

Racism is a threshold for Slavery..
Slavery is a long-term social trend; driven and sustained by economic derivatives.. The more people need cheaper labor for both domestic or business growth; the more sustainable racism and slavery are.. Commonly, among the victim races; illiteracy, poverty and vulgarity have higher rates.. Contrary to racism as not related to color of skin, whereas blond Gypsies in Western Europe are stigmatized; slavery had evolved across time towards the darker-skinned.. This is variously existing by sub-Saharan Africans, Untouchables of India, Gypsies of Eastern Europe and Black Hispanics..
Historically; there are five significant slave traders: Romans, Pre-Islamic Arabs, Americans, Mamluks and Ottomans.. Modern times Emancipation and prohibition of slavery had been challenged by businesses rather than trends; which had enabled re-birth of racial categorization; aiming and justifying the reduction of labor costs.. The universal count of slave since dawn of history would conservatively be one hundred million; which would double or triple by indigenous land slaves in Asia..

Romans had enslaved any non-Latin; who eventually turn to be Romans; yet their pioneering statesmanship had sustained the racial demise between Latin and Romans.. Pre-Islam Arabs had mastered the slave trade of Eastern Africa for long; which had strong presence in their domestic, public and intellectual practices.. This was similar to the chronicles of Americans at the eighteen century.. Some historians had suggested two million Africans enslaved by Arabs, and fifteen million by Americans.. Fourteen century Mamluks; literally in Arabic “owned”; who had ruled Egypt and Levant for 300 years; were mostly fair skinned slaves from Balkan, Chechen and central Asia.. This was the peak of slave trade in the Middle East, compromising more than five millions from all races.. Since the sixteen century; the Ottomans had enslaved more than three million people, mostly with fair skins; notably including 300,000 Eastern European women..
What stigmatized Arabs, who are mostly Muslims, was the misspelling of Islamic teachings, which did not denounce slavery, nor encourage.. Most people, including Muslims and Arabs, had mistakenly understood the notion as slavery-favorite rather than provocative to the core of Islam.. Emancipation was widely voluntarily among early Muslims; either a religious offering or a penalty for religious wrongdoings.. Slavery was prohibited at the Arabian Peninsula at 1970th, yet, still formally exists in Mauritania and Mali..
Modern definition of Slavery, which are forced labor, child labor and trafficking are universal.. It was estimated that most countries observe one or more of modern slavery, with total number of thirty million.. This is where Sudan and other countries on the great ethnic partition (African Sahara) are labeled due to the conditions of domestic service at households.. Despite how this statement would provoke enthusiastic activists; they are advised to refer to the related charters and definitions..


  1. Moonfleet Eldai
    It will be too sweet if there are references at the bottom of this blog entry so that we can fan out enriching our knowledge from there...

  2. This small piece had concluded lots of referrals during the years.. However, numbers, events are mostly available by proper browsing on the key words, as well as the Islamic referrals.. Context and Theme is mine..

  3. Kathleen Wells
    I haven't read the article yet, but I'll read it. Many Arab friends on FB told me emphatically that there was no colorism in the middle east. However, I also heard from dark skinned Egyptians that there was colorism in the middle east. And, I have read several articles about it, too.. For instance, I saw a video about colorism being exhibited against black Palestinians. And, I read an article about colorism towards black Egyptians.

  4. Kathleen Wells
    Haitham post this video to say, I guess, that there is no colorism in the middle east:
    عتاب - جاني الأسمر

  5. Kathleen Wells
    And, when you say reverse racism, you are admitting that white folks are the source of racism

  6. Yes a different perspective; a Dark man in the World..!!
    Yes, many Middle Eastern would disagree.. Yet, only Dark people in the Middle East would feel it and tell about it.. Their testimonies will crown the debate.. Kindly refer to my 3 gauges; they perfectly work..
    As a Northern Sudanese, I would say I have no racism towards the South Sudanese.. Yet, their word will supersede mine, endorsing or denying.. Unless they practice a reverse racism; driven with its psychic and practical attributes.. The hurdle is proving such practice..

  7. By the way, that song by a Dark singer, appreciating a Dark lover.. It would serve the anti notion if made by a Fair singer for her Dark lover.. Right?

  8. Moonfleet Eldai
    I think the middle east is a large area. Different places or countries will have varying levels of racism. I am not surprised that Egyptians are racist because much of their media discourse is utterly insular and they remain uneducated about the world around them. Palestinians and Levant population are racist too. They have no shame hiding it. I saw that video Kathleen Wells mentioned.

    From my experience living in Saudi Arabia I haven't felt any colorism against me and I witnessed cross-color marriages. Perhaps in this regard the Arabian peninsula is more tolerant than the Northern African Arabs and Levant folks. But the idea of differential racism is how we may need to approach this matter.

  9. Kathleen Wells
    I appreciate your input, Moorfleet -- I spoke with Black in Egypt and Palestine and they said, yes, there is colorism. Yet, non blacks in these countries denied, despite reading the experiences of others, conceding the colorism. Much of white supremacy is the denial -- that's the crux of it in many ways

  10. Yes, I had observed the same in Arabia; which amazes me.. Yet most cases are Darker husbands; and very few (or none) of Darker wife.. Same are in Egypt and Libya.. Almost none in Levant or Iraq..

    The account of the victim supersedes the account of the accused.. No "Fairer would realize her/his offense, while sincerely would confirm the innocence.. This is always the logic case..

    However, I still consider it a universal dilemma between Darker vs. Fairer, not only Black vs. White.. Remember Kathleen our discussion about women bleach their skin in Africa and India..

  11. Moonfleet Eldai
    I am aware of at least two marriages that involved darker wives among my friends in Saudi Arabia. Things have been great for them except for few skirmishes displayed by certain elements in either man's family side. But I agree with you. It may not be very often that such marriages take place.

  12. Kathleen Wells
    There is no doubt that white supremacy/whiteness is a global phenomenon -- how did that become so? Yes, folks in India and Africa, bleach their skin. This is a problem and why and how did the world become so whiteness obsessed -- it's pure topsy-turvy. Heaven knows, nature has favored dark skin. And, Dr Francis Cress Welsing was just on my radio show yesterday, talking about how dark pigment is dominant, and white skin is a mutation, albino and recessive ( i.e., white skin can not produce dark skin) -- this gene theory, not mere opinion.

  13. Kathleen Wells
    If you want to be scientific about it and not merely political and/or sociological -- dark skin is what every other skin mutation comes from, thus the original. So, we have been hoodwinked as a human species by political and social factors.

  14. Moonfleet Eldai
    This is interesting, extremely interesting, where can I listen to the radio show?

    I work in genetics too and I totally identify with Dr. Welsing that white-skin is merely an adaptation/mutation from an originally richer black-gene precursor that has evolutionarily arisen due to migration out of Africa into an environmentally colder terrain. That is a simplification but yet of strong foundations especially that the amount of genetic variations between darker folks in Africa is a lot richer than between whiter folks even within proximal geographic location ! (

    My two cents, whitenesss obsession is probably an age-old phenomenon. In biblical literature, the distinction between inferior 'dark' Hamitic and superior 'fairer' Semitic has been advanced. In Egyptology -personally I find this term problematic and not inclusive- there seems to be a trend among historians that Pharaohs and their kingdoms were 'fairer' and there is a disregard to the Kushite/Meroitic and Nubian element. A slow and shy reversal of that course is taking place though. (, ( and recently, a Coursera class on the history of Ancient Nubia is currently taking place which I recommend to everyone interested in the topic.

    On the favoring of darker skin, the scientific search for an ancestral father, 'scientific' Adam suggests he was dark. At least in Arabic, Adam means tanned skin/hide in addition to the Abrahamic prophet revered by Muslims and other religions. (

    Sorry, long post but this is an extremely exciting conversation to me.

    African genomics : Nature Genetics : Nature Publishing Group
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  15. Kathleen Wells
    I don't know about the Bible, cursing dark skin - I don't know the Bible. And, if dark skin is genetically dominant, the original, the best, the question arises, who wrote the Bible -- someone with a political agenda?

  16. Kathleen Wells
    Here is the show with Dr. Francis Cress Welsing:

    KCAA: The Kathleen Wells Show
    KCAA Podcast Player