Sunday, May 18, 2014


A Telephone Conversation:

  • Hello, How are you?
  • Fine, Thanks?
  • How is your wife and boys?
  • She had traveled to see her parents. I'm stuck with the boys
  • I guess if they would accompany her would be good for them
  • Nooo.. I can't spare them.. It is too dangerous over there..!
(a pit of silence..)
  • However, she will come back tomorrow. It was only a five days trip
  • Safe return
  • Shall we catch up the day after
  • Ok, fair, looking forward
  • Take care
  • Bye

This is how the masculine culture had broken down the Arab world
I had spent sometime trying to imagine how this young mother would react
Then realized that it seems OK for this culture for women to be oppressed
Arab women are mostly domestic and reproduction utilities..!!

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