Monday, June 23, 2014

Battlefield Surgery

The romans are main topic in my own quest about Sustainable Civilization
I already know how much they concurred, mastered and invaded
I realized how they set a demise between Roman and Latin
Roman for who ever shared or forced into their Empires
Latin for their distinct ethnicity..!
Yet, their legacy had been sustained across centuries.. Till date
They affect modern timers and times..
Therefore, we have to ask: why?
Below, part of the answer..!

Battlefield Surgery
The Romans invented many surgical tools and pioneered the use of the cesarean section, but their most valuable contributions to medicine came on the battlefield. Under the leadership of Augustus, they established a military medical corps that was one of the first dedicated field surgery units. These specially trained medics saved countless lives through the use of Roman medical innovations like hemostatic tourniquets and arterial surgical clamps to curb bl...ood loss. Roman field doctors also performed physicals on new recruits and helped stem the spread of disease by overseeing sanitation in military camps. They were even known to disinfect instruments in hot water before use, pioneering a form of antiseptic surgery that was not fully embraced until the 19th century. Roman military medicine proved so advanced at treating wounds and promoting wellness that soldiers tended to live longer than the average citizen despite constantly facing the hazards of combat.

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