Monday, August 18, 2014

Racial or Social Tension..?

State vs. People.. An American Spring..!!

It is not racial riot at Ferguson of Missouri
It is a social breakdown that Obama had escalated 
Social Estate is not only Moneys in hands, but also Inspirations in hearts, and Integrations in minds..
Statistics tell that the loud failure of Obamacare had attracted attentions away from deep poverty and inequality among disadvantaged Americans..
Also, while Immigration debate uncontrollably triggered philosophical talks, it hides sever misery among the unfortunate earlier migrants..
Despite how citizen of US and most of industrialized world, have little or no interest in world order and politics, yet the noise associated with failed attempts to contain ISIL, ASAAD, PUTIN, KIM-IL, BASHEIR, LIBYA, and EBOLA
Obama PR disasters had gone to far to contain..
The Public needs a continuous feed of victories and excitements.. The minute you stop; the second they recall your ill-deliveries..!!

Watch out for Farrakhan guys..!!

Mourning The Victim: Michael Brown
Supporting The Suspect: Darren Wilson
Zahid Hussain Khalid's photo.
Obama's Scores on US Sociopolitics

Stereotype of Earlier Migrants

Flyer Passed Around in Ferguson Shows ‘Nation of Islam’ as Organizer Behind Protests/Riots
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