Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Dear 40+ Professional Single Friend..

My Dear One..
You had been a bright addition to my existence.. We had shared the sweetness of honesty, innocence and goodness.. Together, we had assembled a new meaning of closeness and individuality.. Together we had defeated the taboos and the defective norms.. We had proven been Humans..

It breaks my heart observing the wonderful years slip away.. It is cordially known that we had never been meant to live alone.. Please, do not draw your coming years with loneliness.. Do not waste your amazing energy in vain.. Do not value the defective fantasies once more..

Go.. Go my beloved one: Seek yourself a lover; or someone to love.. Someone who can respect, protect and connect.. Tear off these unspoken and invisible barriers around your majestic being.. Enable and welcome the good ones.. There is no time for fairy tales or wishful thinking anymore..

Do not seek perfection or matchmaking.. Your distant one is somewhere around.. Yet, he is so busy hunting for living; this is how always the men are.. Spot, catch and grab that vainglorious one; who has potentials.. It is the legacy battle of survival.. Do not waste the time arguing..

The world is not safe, easy or friendly any more.. The glorious feminism is about being a shelter for your soul mate.. Being a comfort for your exhausted partner.. Being a treasure for your shattered spouse.. Do not stop giving.. Giving is a blessing that you should enjoy not question..

Blessed Hunting..!


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