Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ugly Architecture

A Sinai Mosque inspired by costumes of a Gypsy-Billy-Dancer..

Egypt is the lab of most Islamic Architecture styles, trends and fashions.. Not only great builders who had inherited the technologies since the magnificence of Pyramids, but also architects who had explored and implemented the scared equations of time, place, light and energy..

Apparently, as how it spreads in all articulations of life, new breed of Egyptian architects had taken the art and industry into chaotic levels with inadequate expressions and distracted visions.. This was well observed for few decades; in residential developments, retail bizarre ventures, and public realms..

Lately, it had penetrated the holiness of religious facilities, with no much regulations from government, civic or professional communities.. The long term and serious implications on culture and behavior are irreversible.. Conclusions will further fragment the local persona and allow for violent expressions rather than progressive integration

Apparently, many architects do not know what architecture is..!

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