Friday, March 2, 2012

Skin Umbrella..

Gustave Boulanger's painting The Slave Market
Slaves in Rome, from all colors and ages

Slavery is old as mankind himself.. Its chronicles, derivatives and circumstances will remain mystery; capturing not only the wondering imaginations, but also the sentiments of audiences.. Whether the “Ancestors” had sold some of their kinships or not.. Whether fierce battles had resisted enslavement or not.. Whether greed or necessity drove the slavery or not.. Whether early Romans, Greeks, Persians, Arabs, or Moorish were the principle traders or not.. The issue will continue to be controversial, with lots of “oral and folkloric” histories that has no concrete proofs for what really had happened across the past two millennia..

Historically, not only “Blacks” were enslaved, but lots of “Caucasians” as well.. Certainly; when both “Masters and Slaves” shared the same skin, the memories of the associated atrocities had quickly diminished; while new breed or “unidentified” mixed blood took over the life.. Skin had played a great role among Masters and Slave across the world.. 
Local slavery was known in India, China, Arabia, Eastern Europe, Native Americans, and Africans too.. In today’ world, these countries sound as intact communities; while anthropology and folklore prove the various  kinships and ethnic divide each has.. Yet, their "unified skin" provide an “Umbrella” or a melting pot for all citizens..

I can understand the historical religious influence of Black/White slavery context.. The Curse of Ham” had provided strong advocacy for such slavery at the early practices.. Yet, who would unshakably confirm that there is no further “Anti-Niger-Parasites” within the literate consciousness; which occasionally and uncontrollably would indirectly condemn or fiercely reject any cross racial affairs..?

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