Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anonymous Hugs..

Absolutely, a very inspiring idea.. Only, for an urban society..!!

Not suitable for Arabs, Africans, many Asians..!!

Sympathy is inevitably lost by urbanism, whereas life has to be fast, rational and beneficiary.. Competitions over urban resources and fittings is never an easy, whilst brutal, sadist and opportunitists.. Yet, our urbanity is the sole symbol of our civilized excellence, despite the hallucinations and hysteria among the outspoken..
Such idea is not different from Charities, which fill great gap in urban administration and formation.. Urban Peoples needs that “Anonymous Hugs” to restore their humanity though the urban rush..
It is fits outlines of both NGOs and Entrepreneurship..!

Moonfleet Eldai: I think in this metric we do score better and we don't probably need a kissing booth or a hugging booth hence the lack of suitability.
I am speaking of extended families that are nuclear, I am speaking of supporting neighbors and more or less of things that make us compassionate. Not to entirely wipe out these in the urban citizens, I am just saying we score better :)

Azizi Hesham; Pls apply unified experimental measures..
We are not urban enough to fit for the comparison.. That's why I had related it to Urbanity..!

Those who are scoring less, do not advise girls to avoid their Dads, don't make love to the dead wives, don't formally marry at 12, etc.. Once we urbanely fit to the comparison, we shall score nothing but minus..!!

I believe; if we apply any AEME (actual empirical methods of enquiry) among the main domains of our species, shocking and amazing results will reveal, swinging between extraordinary and fiction.. We’re shielded by our modesty and dwellers, whereas no one knows what’s going on behind the closed doors.. When glimpse leaks, scandals and amusements follow..

We’re merely rural, as privacy typically shrink along the ladder of urbanity.. Also, People's readiness to defend their privacy, typically vary..
Nomads walk around with their daggers (or sticks), Peasants suspiciously walk in groups, while City Boys walk alone..!!

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