Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home vs. Abroad..

Both Sudan and Egypt has fierce campaigns to promote for expatriate citizens who are professionally or academically successful, as potential candidates to lead the reforms and changes..

Sorry, it is never a resume issue..

Worldwide, none of who had succeeded internationally, could made a following local success.. But, local success had always base the int'l one.. Check..!

This is a global structural phenomenon.. We can't claim different..
If we want to make it right, we should do it right..!
There are many reliable and local ones to make it right.. We are not talking a rocket science, but basic performance framework of planning, governance and control..

Always who are remote and distant can conclusively observe much better.. Progress is never delivered in isolation.. Both culture and technology has no address but the globe.. As Tunisians, Turkish, Serb, Indian, Chinese had created the dialogue between their local and expatriate citizens, as their success was, in transforming their countries and broke the hurdles of development and sustainability..

Regretfully, within the course of patriotic enthusiasm, local citizens are either unable to envision the necessity of such integration, or hesitant to believe that they can independently succeed.. This is where the roles of intelligentsia are, especially among media professionals; to make it of break it..!!

This does not strip the expatriates from patriotism, nor add distinction to the local citizens.. It is a matter of appropriateness and fitness.. Expats had inevitably lost many local details, subject to their personalities and time-abroad, while Locals had inevitably lost clarity on proper approach subject to the nature of their endeavor and earning burdens..The issue is the shared epistemia not the glory of participation..

Adolescence and dumbness are extremely harmful and hazardous..

Check the stories within both image above and video below..!!

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