Thursday, August 9, 2012

Egypt 2012

I was absolutely mistaken not to share my thoughts on the developments led or generated by the election of Dr Morsi as a President of Egypt.. I felt too sick to express, and too pessimistic on the future, not only for Egypt, but also for both Arabic and Islamic worlds..!!

Political maneuvers associated with this top post appointment had lots of legal, strategic and tactical fragrances, which are much more than the current capacity of both Egyptian Intelligentsia and Statesmanship.. As noted earlier on how the battle with Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is never an Egyptian one; the USA cheers and support for Dr. Morsi confirms how this political game was plotted.. Taking into accounts how immature and cheap the declarations made by MB and Dr Morsi on various political and economic issues; a road map was made clear for Egypt to walk through..

Hamas and Gaza
The international community had admitted substantial failure to grant any solutions for the Hamas Quest; while Tony Blair stepped down from the mission.. The domination of Hamas over Gaza became unbreakable, fueled by MB moneys and support.. Poverty and ill-fated Gazans are only the non-Hamas affiliates; whom are served by UNRWA with unprecedented (and questioned) aid budget.. The paradox which had confused the world was the smart utilization of those hurt Gazans, to broadcast sympathizing images of Hamas as a legitimate resistance not a power abusers.. Hamas had mastered the game, which Arafat had created decades ago, while the world had bought it.. This is how the seizures of Flotillas were hot issues, while the slaughter of Rafah Principality was not.. However Arabs had proven quick learner in the global politics, yet crippled by their own scattered epistemia and fractured mindset..!!

The Macro Landscape
Across both Arab and Muslim worlds, no one realized that Sudan was already ruled by MB; for the last two decades.. Darfur and Southern Oil were too hot to consume all the attention, while proximity was a defusing factor for Arabic and Muslim Media.. Simply, no one knew what’s going on in the Sudan.. Contrarily; only the sophisticated international observers had aligned the happenings in Tunisia (MB traded Liberals for Salafis), Morocco (MB traded their own agenda for the Monarch one), Libya (MB undermined sovereignty and unity), Syria (MB Boosted their mutiny by uncontrolled resources) and Yemen (MB traded Al-Qaida for power sharing); to the developed one in Sudan; it was more clear the mightiness and magnitude of MB plans and goals.. The public mainstream had felt suspicion, but with media blackout; there were no way to successfully develop an anti-MB stream.. This had driven the bulk voters for Dr Morsi, either not knowing the threats, or been open for (bizarre and hypothetical and MB monopoly) water-tasting..

The global Plot
If the enemy is unbreakable, encourage his power abuses and violations.. This was the simple plan to futuristically neutralize the MB from the Middle Eastern political landscape.. As how political oppositions are mostly attractive and victimized by ruling authorities, as how roles would switch in the power game.. Only political scientists understand the incompetence of MB to rule, which most intelligentsia is hesitant to cordially share or believe.. MB has more than moneys (70% of Islamic charities valued at US$ 1 trillion annually) or enthusiastic affiliates (more than 5% of Muslims), but spiritual monopoly over the commons (30% of Muslims) and strong web of retail business and assets.. Despite the eloquent clichés they would use in debates and propagandas, they suffer structural failure to manifest over government principles, administration and operations.. On the contrary to their 2011 success to mobilize the Arabic mainstreams, they repeatedly proved inefficiency to run the public domains across the same region.. The more they hold authority, the more they abuse it.. Therefore, allowing MB to rule everywhere, to scandalize, stigmatize and denounce by the very same (naïve and ignorant) people who had voted for..

MB Strategic Plot
The typical strategy of MB is to hold the political powers, whatsoever.. MB represent the typical modern forms of Political Islam.. Being on top of the system will enable them to religionize the society by imposing the Islamic brand on its features, laws and mobility, while legitimize the affiliates (as sincere guardians on the cause) to hold the keys of economy and politics.. On parallel, extending the support to other striving MB leagues to grow and replica.. It is a simple strategy alike Communism, Zionism and Hinduism, with different titles.. As read, there are no development, economic or social agendas, but political control and power mastership.. Therefore, as an entrepreneur framework (90% of Rizq lays within trading); MB encourages SME and Venture Capitalism; which will engage the society on massive cycles of money making and retail businesses, capable to consume model and activities of both media and mass communications.. As how theologies can be a complicated political structure, the high rates of illiteracy among Muslim provide an optimum environment for MB growth and survival.. It had taken the Mankind several centuries to contain and manage earlier and medieval theological states; with simpler tools and structures of government and statesmanship; therefore; battling MB is never an easy one as naively described over ballots and democracies..!!

Certainly, with the international drive to eliminate MB by empowering them, the local anti-MB will confront local and cross border plots.. Despite the contradicting battles; whereas local bulks will be hesitant between MB Retail-outreach and Gov-failure and the deliberately limited international vetoes (case study: AlBasheer and Sudan); the middle class and intelligentsia will repeated and continuously attempt to resist the influx of MB retail politics and business.. On parallel, the military establishment will gauge the influence and mightiness of MB by has been penetrated or not..?Civil service, Judiciary and Law enforcement will inevitably and certainly be mutilated by MB, as gradual restructuring will touch all aspects of life; yet the complexity of the civil structure will reduce the momentum and acceleration of MB proposed Islamization..

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