Sunday, September 23, 2012

LGBT Color Code

LGBT Rights Groups should be free to advocate for their cause, not to turn their activity into lobbies and enterprising groups who invade every “colorful” detail in our world..
They had already consolidated their efforts with politicians, financiers and businessmen to legitimize their cause, emotionally and factually..
Yes, it is a smart strategy to make the world their own in few decades, but similarly, they should allow for the other to breathe..!!



  1. you are sickening to society

  2. You do know humans preserve rainbows as 7 basic colors not only 5 and violet is a color of the rainbow

  3. Scientifically yes.. yet technically they had to reduce the number for adequate printing.. and still done.. Violet was not publicly known as one of the Rainbow's.. No one counts.. yet it was cleaver to link it to this phenomenon.. People should be aware of this.. It intentionally deform their spontaneous conservative culture..