Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank You My Visitors..

9000 visits per Month, and counting..!
Thank you my valuable Visitors..

This attests how I managed to cross borders of Language, Culture and Religion..
In these trouble times of Enterprised Politics, Confused Identities and the unpredictable yet fast growing Millennials

It is deliberately in English media.. not as a universal tools of expression and exchange, but as through, local epistemia are challenged..!!

This is a Commitment rather than an Appreciation..
To sustain it as fair uncolored unpolluted Humane interface..
A window for cultural exchange and conceive..
An endless search for the Truth of Universe and Mankind..

A Glimpse on How Magnificent We Are..

Be Blessed..


  1. Thank you always have very interesting articles, and insightful look on issues.

    I've learned a lot from you :)

  2. Thank you Ibrahim for the nice words..

    Knowkedge is nothing without sharing..

    Be Blessed