Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sudanization of Egypt..!

MB Supporters in Cairo, Nov 2012

It is well understood and justified that the Egyptian State is arrogant to import or imitate successful mock-ups carried elsewhere across the Middle East.. The legacies of History, Powers and Demographics had created invisible constraints on their bureaucratic mindset to deal with neighboring countries on equal measures.. Egyptian Intelligentsia was expected be more intelligent in addressing the public concerns in a pragmatic manner, not psychiatric or emotional.. However, their failed leadership of the elites, civic, governmental and military, demands careful investigations on cultural integrity and epistemic competences..

Yes, being in downstream of the Nile, valleys of Red Sea Mountains, on shores of Sinai, Sahara and Mediterranean; had geographically developed Egypt to be a center for migration not exodus.. This is the counter logic of development: Migrants do not carry structural knowledge, but implementations; therefore, national epistemia at landing territories are empirical rather than philosophical. Therefore, it is notable how technology develops faster in Americas than in Europe or Asia, the traditional birthplaces for philosophies and religions..

Egypt, as exodus source to Europe, had always looked for European experiences to transfer and imitate, despite convenience or match.. Colonial, monarchical and nationalist Egypt had used French laws, Italian urbanism, British healthcare, and Ottoman bureaucracy to build The State.. Sovereign structure, Foreign relations, Feudal system, and Religious establishments were kept unchanged since the early Pharaoh States.. Accordingly, social patterns and profiles were always stable; dividing the country between two separated layers: Rulers and Commons..

Post World War II, Egyptian intelligentsia had lived socialist and urban dreams; which were mostly disconnected to facts and realities of the public.. Attempts to reshape the nation were political and superficial rather than sociopolitical or economical.. The political competitions had generated hidden anarchy that had gradually dismantled the social fabrics rather than replace, refurbish or maintain.. Modern trends of mass media, urbanism, and enterprising had encouraged demoralization, favoritism and corruption beyond gov capacity to confront..

During the last 50 years, the political alliances (US$500 bln+ of investments), the one million Arab students in Egypt (annually 50,000), and the 10 million temporary-Egyptian-workers (and their families), had developed the Egyptian influence among listeners of neighboring Arabs.. This was in only one direction, not bilateral.. Therefore, Egyptian syndicates were underdeveloped (compared with North Africans), Egyptian media were not progressive (compared with Levant ones) and Egyptian enterprises were not sophisticated (compared with Arabian ones).. Politics were not either mature compared with Yemen and Jordan (Revolutionalists and Statesmen)..

This is how the Modern Egyptian Dilemma can be identified: Despite how cordially Egyptian are part and mirror of Arab World, they passionately and deliberately disconnect themselves from Arabs, then been unable to progressively confront their own (yet regional) sociopolitical developments..

Simply; an unjustified Egyptian Arrogance..!

Some Egyptian intellectuals had confirmed the epistemic cords with Arabian Region, debating issues of democracy, equality and gender.. These were apart from Egyptian ignitions; which were focused on sovereignty and reforms.. Nasser’s emphasis on Arab-Unity had added a dimension of Borderless Egypt; which the Nationalists in general had actively rejected.. Ironically, most the States of Cairo were actually regional except Nasser’s..!

Sudanese Settlers (3-5 mln as per 1998) in Egypt are the biggest among other Arabs, with history goes back in time to the Pharaohs. They did not create ghettos despite their critical military role, lobbies despite their presences within the Palaces, or syndicates despite their working force.. Mysteriously; Sudanese Settlers did not add to Egyptian cultural or social structures, therefore, Egypt had always downgraded their contribution or potentials in the vibrant Egyptian life (in contrary to Levant's and Ottomans).. However, Egyptian supremacy on the Sudanese was fairly justified with more than 30 schools, a university, a Nile-control agency and historical fiscal support.. Till 1956, Sudan was legally part of the Egyptian Khedive Monarch..

The Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood were influenced by their Egyptian counterparts and advocates.. Sudan was always a refuge for many Egyptian activists who had confronted the State.. Meanwhile, the 1980th MB Sudanese students in Egyptian institutes had intensive preparatory programs on structures, guidelines and governance of the fiction.. The growth and successful seizure of power in Sudan had boosted both practices and codes of the fiction, with unique opportunities, facilities and implementations..

Along 1900th-2000th Sudan, MB were able to develop intact frameworks and procedures on economic restructuring, political control, social dynamics and institutional management.. Sudan was a major Capacity Building Laboratory in all fields, domains and concerns; including international relations.. Despite the absence of formal data, MB candidates from many countries are pursuing training in Sudan, including covert operations.. Once Sudanese MB manage to hold the powers, they turn all institutions to work as per their agendas and plans; which included redefining the country, the people and the nation..!

Within 20 years, Sudanese MB had restructured counties, enforced demographic disassembly, given away one third of the country, redefined citizenship, restructured economic derivatives, developed a dominating retail sector, penetrated military and police forces, recreated security services, redefined our dress code, aggressively debated the national identity, restructured wealth distribution, encouraged bureaucratic corruption and listed Sudan at the lowest grades in all global inventories..

In Sudan, people got exhaustedly confused on who’s who..!!

It is too sympathetic how the Egyptian Politicians (who are anti-MB) did not literally hear or read about the developments next door..? Not only the Sudanese Experience, but also Gazan, Libyan, Tunisian, etc..

It is an Egyptian Syndrome; to continuously restart from Zero..!

Meanwhile; Egyptian MB are gearing up to surrender Sinai to Gazans, privatizing all public enterprises, creating new dynasties, forcing non-Muslim to flee, concessioning all Egyptian Assets including Suez Canal..!

Simply, the same path: Sudanization of Egypt..!!

Ironically, it is the 1st time for Egypt to extract a Sudanese experience.. regardless..!

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