Saturday, January 4, 2014


At the USA, Mosque-goers; Sunni, Shia, Arab, South Asian, Latino, African Americans, converts and raised, from nearly every corner of the world; are confronted with critical challenges that will inevitably change both perspectives and functions of Mosques.. currently, there is a strong growing move to advocate for new looks of the Mosques, and subsequently, other issues that would shack the belief itself.. This will sail to the traditional centers of Muslim communities.. To meet the domestic unrest and dissatisfaction.. Outcomes are greatly unknown..!!

Engagement; A serious question about the political nature of Muslim organizations and hierarchy within.. Many of them had copied the Middle Eastern patriarchy despite the contradictive circumstances.. Unless structural reforms will rule, decline of Mosque-goers will form serious problem at all aspects and levels of participation, performance and leadership..!

Women; Most scholars and imams have notably weak advocacy toward women's rule, obligations and rights within the Muslim community.. This had allowed for extreme views and very radical ones as well.. Unless the Muslim women are granted rational status among their communities, the Muslim quest is jeopardized..!

Imams; Most Imams are short to meet their job requirements.. in absence of any good criteria and governance on raising, training and awarding the Imams; the Muslim communities will eventually go apart.. Imams are the glue not only between a Muslim and his Creator swt, but also among the Muslim communities.. should an application of (Muslim HR/Leadership) to be developed..?!

The above are greatly ignored by traditional Muslims in the Middle East, who holds the unspoken authority to endorse or forbid.. The historical changes are indispensable as critical part of Muslim epistemia and settlement..

There is no doubt that the New Muslim Phenomenon is coming with strong momentum and potentials.. Just coming from abroad to replace the deteriorated perspectives in Tunisia, Morocco, Cairo, Damascus and Baghdad..

As usual, Middle Eastern Muslims will never be ready to process..!

Duke University prayer room where women and men pray in the same space, with no barrier. (US)
A women’s prayer space in a mosque in New York City. The photographer wished to remain anonymous. (US)

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