Monday, July 28, 2014

Rules of Confrontation

This Young generation will change the Rules of Confrontation..
Just give it 10 years..!!

By default, the Millennia generation at diasporas, Arab/Jew; are not ready to repeat the legacies of the famous conflict, nor believe in the foundations that had led to it.. Despite how their counterparts in Gaza, West Bank Slums and Israeli settlements are fed with the hatred and patriotic slogans and harsh realities in everyday; they are more pragmatic and bold in making up their minds about what's going on..

Unfortunately, Fascist leaderships among both parties are proven slipping in time and facts, whereas people are no longer ready to waste their lives.. Today's people believe that live worth living, not to die for it.. This phenomenon is spreading and changing the game worldwide.. Yet, orthodox politicians are not coping, while the Elders of the World are increasingly condemning them for being out of date, out of time.. Yet, they can't change..

Millennia are ready to scarify religion for a better life..
Why not?
They had found most preachers are already breaching lapsing time, intellectual evolution and necessities of survival; with growing threats to their lives and dreams.. Therefore, Game of Religions is falling apart as how the Game of Nations had been ill-fated few years ago..

Rules of Confrontation is rapidly changing.. The current 50K fans of this call will grow to exceed the total Arab and Jew population worldwide..

Believe it.. and get ready for it..!!


Photo: What a beautiful family!

With nearly 900 devastating deaths, a 12 hour humanitarian cease-fire is now in effect. We hope that our leaders can implement a solution in the Middle East that results in a permanent cease-fire in Israel/Palestine and an end to the siege in Gaza. The lives of all innocent civilians are too precious to be compromised by the reprehensible political nature of this conflict. 


Photo: Sulome Anderson/Twitter

We posted the picture without a second thought.

My boyfriend is Jewish, raised in an orthodox family, and I’m half Lebanese. Last week we were on vacation and, at the suggestion of a journalist friend, added a photo of us together in support of what was then a little-known initiative called Jews and Arabs Refuse to be Enemies. I wrote those words on a piece of paper, kissed my boyfriend, snapped a picture, and posted it on the group's Facebook page. I also tweeted it to my modest following and added this caption: “He calls me neshama, I call him habibi. Love doesn’t speak the language of occupation.”
It went viral.

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