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Friday, January 1, 2016

The Story of Modern Dubai

Early minutes of 2016 are celebrated while smoke continues from Ambassador hotel

The media circus on the New Year's Eve of 2016; which had focused on the fires and gutting of the Address hotel, a 200 meters from Dubai's famous world-tallest building; Burj Khalifa, tells a lot about the associated phenomenons to new business order and world modelling..

It was not only an Arab "psychopathic and unsurprising" fury and anxiety on Dubai, but shared with "bizarre" CNN coverage for few hours.. Certainly it became a time to address the "Dubai Syndrome" that often pops up with heading and articles in media systems and outlets for the last 10 years..

The Real Estate boom is interpretation of complex active soft and hard infrastructures

When the "New Dubai" emerged from the Arabian dunes, on a surprising manner at mid 2000th, it was a confusing worldly unprecedented incident of urban and civic transformation. Experts knew the amount of complex infrastructure that is required to make it happens, politicians were anxious to know how it was comprehensively managed.. and the commons were queuing applying for visit visas..!

The model was surprisingly simple, based on the repeated quotes and usual advises; which "no one" really had taken into resilient practice.. This was the innovative leadership that had turned exhausted banners into energetic actions and performance examples.. Yes, the infrastructure stories were never told, nor anyone is truly "interested" to hear.. Therefore, the enigma continues..!

Shiekh Mansor Bin Mohammad AlMaktoum, a UK military trained 

When the "Prince" put on the firefighting gears on, he had resembled the essence of an "unknown" style of government; whereas peoples had decorated a brave wise person to lead them, in a unique sociopolitical manifest: He looks after them and their welfare, They honor and obey.. Then; the solid, unchanged and "unshaken" manifest survives for many generations of both.. 

The current Ruler of Dubai (since 2004) had repeatedly open fires on rulers, governments, corporate of other countries.. His elite civic guard had joined his fights in coordinated manners that had intentionally made Dubai a weekly banner in the world media.. Yet, most of the statements were precisely correct, effective and challenging..

Civil Defense team leader salutes a fellow for his devotion and hard work

The 2005 knowledge economy and professionalism had created a public order that was driven by accumulated joint humane interests, facilities of welfare and life style.. Dubai had became a magnet for experts and professionals who were required for business eccentric economy and its both supply chain and logistics..  Certainly, the real estate, retail and entertainment had grown in parallel to provide a "bizarre" demographics whereas males are 4 times the females..

The cycle of survival and growth had attracted all types of people for a tiny city state of 3 millions and US$ 80 billions GDP (2010).. Despite the climatic conditions, the conditional freedom of expression and the dangerously social competitions; Dubai had a framework enables excellence and extra-ordinariness to rule among the 120 ethnic groups within.. Despite the critics on conditions of low rank migrant workers; skyscrapers and property developments continued to be built..

2015 Dubai became a hub for professional service that work around the world, a tourism destination for entertainment, shopping and style, a safe heaven for ordinary, wealthy and (off course) the complex money laundry, a world luxury property market, a home for expensive mobility systems, a laboratory for solar energy generation, a top rank car, cellar and jewelry ownership, a law-officer for each 450 persons, a 900 kg of waste per citizen, a 17% public transport ridership, a top rank of diabetes, a medical hub on the making, a festival city of 1200 annual events, an international tribunal between Singapore and London, a Market place for almost every and anything..!!

While the ordinary life continues in the following morning of the famous fire; despite the smoking building; the social media had reported various scenes of conflicting behaviors and tales of bravery.. Certainly, contradict responses are mark of Mankind, yet, the Dubai story has another version to address..

Most of the Arabs were confused while some of their natives were scoring, delivering and excelling in Dubai.. The simple logic was publicly echoed at the Sudanese Parliament, requesting the natives who contribute in Dubai; to revert back home to refurbish the failing country.. Elsewhere, citizens did not publicly ask, but felt helplessly and bitterly envy..

Asian residents of Dubai had always maintained their loyalty and gratefulness to the system, with rare cases of civic punity.. yet; their 65% of the population would represent same of inmates.. Their traditional ghettos cultures had enabled to trade better opportunity for calm hard working; yet the demographic management had censored risks associated with lobbying and favoritism.. certainly; Dubai had contributed in the survival and upgrading lives of many millions across the oriental hemisphere..

What was new to go viral in the social media, is the envy and gloating of some Dubai residents, who did not experience its 2000th cultural-melting-pot.. Many of them had escaped a deteriorated life back home, yet many had accompanied their hometowns within.. Many are mostly isolated in virtual ghettos; whereas their dreams are proven non-achievable and their work-migration is a status to last..

Two young Dubai-based Arabs; who their gloating photo had gone viral

The 1970-1990th Egyptian media and movie industry (Maspeiro and Haramwood) had developed the Arabic-Hatred syndrome, which had echoed across the Arabic Speakers from a sarcasm start that ends into plotting.. Making fun of fellow Arabs; had created continuous and unforgettable jokes, yet the continuing Arabic influx into Egyptian hotels, beaches and brothels had given the Egyptian "illiterate" commons; a sense of domination and superiority.. 

The Egyptian "literate" commons kept their preference of Dubai for work migration than other Arabic petro-dollar destinations.. The media based culture at the back of their heads; develops both psychic and moral barriers to sincerely work for the system.. Many of them had exercised unspoken superiority based on their 7000 years old bureaucratic upbringing and feudal culture; which are nonexistent in the 250 years old society of Dubai..

Other non-petro Arabs had shared some of the Egyptian sentiments towards petro-Arabs, and particularly Dubaians.. Dubai had its own version from the Kuwaiti 1960th education initiative, which had resulted in the 100% literate population, yet the much less petro-fortunes had made Dubai youth much focused, ambition and oriented.. Since 2000, Dubai youth had become venture capitalists than been ordinary entrepreneurs, which had escalated businesses and wealth in the tiny city state.

The historical tendency to distinct English Speakers or Western community of Dubai had synchronized its history, as well as most of the Arab and underdeveloped world.. When the British Navy controls maritime trade, Envoys lobbied social fabrics and Tradesmen mastered the infrastructure, the resultant was mixed between need, supremacy and competition.. English is the language for management and business, despite the efforts to revive Arabic genuinity..

The Court of Dubai Ruler is full of energetic educated middle ages executives, who are entrusted to lead the government and entities.. Corporate Dubai is an example of modern government that benchmarks itself to the most successful best practices worldwide.. Certainly, the journey has its own pitfalls; yet the continuous search for innovative and new initiatives, programs and projects enables to swiftly replace the unsuccessful investments with more mastered ones.. 

Dubai's Police, Emirates, RTA and Healthcare agencies pioneer the "Six Sigma" implementations, providing unprecedented example of public management and operations.. Therefore, no wonder to find other applications challenge imaginations and savings as well.. This is the new world order and business environment..

While Dubai sets among the emerging economies, yet stills one of the underdeveloped countries, which had brought together all critics and envy, from Arab brothers and Western interests.. Both recognize how unique its model is, yet how simple as well.. Both keep wondering why they can't take it back home.. 

How a tiny city with ethnically mixed citizens can achieve a world class of its own within 20 years.. and keep astonishingly and amazingly growing..

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Silent Passive Irrelevant Majority...!!

Published on Jun 18, 2014
For years all we hear is that Islam has been 'hijacked' and that most Muslims are peaceful people:
And that matters to the 270 million people who have been killed in the name of Allah HOW?
They estimate that some 15 to 20 percent of all Muslims are 'radical.' Well here's a real news bulletin that actually has meaning:
Eighty Percent of All Muslims Are Not Muslims!
Enter Ms. Brigitte Gabriel.

It is truly interesting and useful...
All religions and schools of faith had radicals.. This is natural and accepted throughout history of Mankind..
The only new addition to the formulas of communicate, exchange and integrate; is the combination of money and powers, which became not only vulgar to morals earlier to the age of internet, but also became greedy than public senses of 1960th and earlier..

Therefore, both worlds (G7 vs others) became contradictive due to the inevitable paradox of development and evolution.. Both adores the other for different reasons.. Both hates the other for different reasons as well..

Technology had eventually widen the gap despite the so-called social media.. It is the cultural aspects which are torn or precisely deformed by rapid communications, exposure and imitations..

The curse of knowledge is the new germ that requires detailing, whereas our typical intellectual arrogance prevent the deep communications our ancestors had.. It is alike the fast foods..

This where religious and ethnic groups can't truly integrate, yet adore the other..!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

The New Sudan

Well; I have no clue..!!
It is not mine anymore..............!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

AfroArabian Blend

الخلطة الأفروعربية التي ترعرت في السودان، تتميز بسطوة المكونات والفلكلوريات الأفريقية التي لا تختلف عن عروبة الجاهلية بكل الخزعبلات والميتافزيقا فيها.. هكذا كان ولا يزال السودان بوتقة لكافة مساؤى العرب والأفارقة.. بينما الحسنات والتمايزات كانت ولازالت محل خلاف ثقافي وعقائدي وسيكولوجي كبير.. هكذا لا ينتظر حدوث أي تطور ايجابي للعقلية والثقافة الشعبية السودانية في المدى المنظور ، بينما سوف تتلاحق التطورت السلبية في المظاهر الاجتماعية والسياسية ، بدءاً من حفلات الزار ، مروراً بمن...افسات حفلات الزواج ، وتناقضات الحراك السياسي الاجتماعي العام ، وانتهاءاً بالأمين.. للأسف
السودان يتطلب مرحلة للتصارح والتصالح مع النفس ، بعد أن تتولى الأمر فيه سلطة رشيدة وواعية ، فلابد من الاقرار بحجم السؤ والخطأ قبل التغني بالفخر والتميز ، فغالب الفخر قائم على الهوى والمبالغة ، بينما غالب الخطأ ينتسب للتسلط والمحاباة ، ولعل في ألمانيا وايرلندا وجنوب أفريقيا واليابان تجارب يمكن الاسترشاد بها عما يجب أن يكون ، وكيف يمكن أن يكون.. فالشعارات دون منطقية التطبيق هوس فكري لا فائدة منه
وكما ان ليس هناك دولة تمارس الديمقراطية تضعها في الاسم الرسمي للدولة ، فكافة من وضعوها مسمى يمارسون الفوضوية والديكتاتورية ، من ديمقراطية السودان إلى ديمقراطية كوريا.. من عبثية وصف المثقف إلى النفاق في وصف السياسي.. من تبجيل مدعي مهدية إلى تكريم رافض للدين.. من أن نحب الجيران والآخرين أو نحتقرهم.. من عبثية خياليات كيف كان الأجداد إلى التهافت بأحلام مريخية عن ما نريد أن نكون

وكذا سائر الاوصاف والمسميات والأشياء.. ولكل قليل من يعي

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Rabaa Story..!

سوف تمر الأيام ، ويدرك الجميع أن "قصة رابعة" هي أحد أكبر المغالطات في التاريخ الحديث، حيث تطور التنظيم الدولي للأخوان المسلمين ليكون أحد أكبر المنظمات قدرة على تشكيل الرأي العام باستخدام التلفيق ومنظمي الدعايات وهواة التمثيل التلقائي، وباستخدام مصادر تمويل خفية وألاعيب قانونية.. هي ممارسة لا يدركها غالب المسلمين، وغالب العالمين، حيث تكاتفت النفعية والاسترزاق الديني والتجهيل العام من أجل الوصول الى مواقع السيطرة والتأثير على الأحداث.. في قول أخر: الممارسة السياسية الحديثة
International Muslim Brotherhood evolves to be a leading global PR and Media community.. Their typical history of twisted truth and allegation had enabled their easy comprehension of the modern techniques of public gear and monopoly.. Rabaa Stories is one of their finest initiatives, whereas Non BM, Non Muslim and Non Sympathizers are gathered to celebrate one of the most confusing and lies-based incident in modern history.. It is easy to hire organizers and "entertainers" for any sort of event.. Ironically, celebrated in Europe, whereas extremists are gearing to establish their own ISIS-based platforms.. Times apparently comes for Europe politicians to pay for unreliable insincere records..!!

Definition of Independence

Pakistan celebrates its independence day on the 14th of August. Many disagreed with the idea of partitioning India into a Muslim and Hindu state but the political elites eventually got their way in 1947.
The borders were hurriedly drawn up by a British lawyer, Cyril Radcliffe, who had little knowledge of Indian conditions and with the use of out-of-date maps and census materials.
The partition led to the largest mass migration in human history of some 10-15 million people wit...h Muslims migrating from present day India to present day Pakistan and Bangladesh (which was then known as East Pakistan) and Hindus migrating to present day India although many decided to stay in their ancestral lands.
Over one million civilians died in the accompanying riots and local-level fighting, particularly in the western region of Punjab which was cut in two by the border. The riots were a result of a lack of military and political control on the part of the British who had colonized India.
Today, there are approximately 180 million Muslims in India, 11 million Hindus in Bangladesh and over 2 million Hindus in Pakistan.
Do you think the partition was a good idea?


Friday, July 24, 2015

في ذكرى ثورة يوليو المصرية

الثورة المصرية كان لها صبغة مؤسساتية منذ المهد
لعل الشأن المصري أكثر شئون العرب قابلية للتحليل العلمي ، بحكم التطور الحضري المؤسسي في مصر، هكذا يصير الحديث عن مصر أكثر معقولية في أقليم اللامعقول فيما بين نهري السند في الباكستان والملوية في المغرب، وفيما بين المتوسط والفكتوريا، فلا عجب أنه أقليم يزخر بالثروات والناس والتواريخ والأفكار والداسائس والاضطراب والجنون في آن واحد، ولعله سيستمر كذلك حيث قد أدركتنا فاصلة التغيير التاريخية ، ولم نحسن التمسك بها ، فانطلقت لشأنها مع الآخرين من حولنا

لقد مضى عهد الشعارات والملاحم الثورية، بحكم الاتصالات والفردية والنفعية والعلمانية كذلك، وسائر الأطر القديمة أصبحت بالية بينما ذوي الحماسة لها انقلبوا متعاطين للسياسة أو مدمنين للكلام أو مستسلمين للتوهان الإرادي.. كما صدق القول، فليس هناك من ابتكار أو أفكار للاستمرار، بل بكاء حار أو تمثيلي على نظريات (او شعوب او ثقافات) ماتت أو هي في حالة احتضار طويل ومستمر ، ويا له من عذاب أن يحتضر المرء دون أن يموت

وكما ينتشر القول، فالكل مشارك في الجريمة، والكل ضحية كذلك

العسكريتارية تطورت شأنها شأن كل شئ، بعد ثمن باهظ بين الاتهام والافراط، صبغ التيه مفاهيم الفروسية والقيادة والإيثار التي هي عمادها وعمودها، فصار الجند يخافون الصراصير ويرهبون الألم ويتوارون عن الساسة.. وفي مصر محور الحديث سقطت المؤسسة الأمنية الشبه عسكرية بمعدل استثنائي عالمي، ويتطلب الأمر الكثير لكي تسترد العافية، ولولا التأصيل الوطني الذي تديره مؤسسة الاستخبارات العامة لسقط الجيش المصري كذلك (السيسي كان يقود الاستخبارات العسكرية في 2011)

ولعل هذا ماقد أورد السودان إلى التهلكة، حيث فشل النميري في تأصيل ذات المؤسسة اعتماداً على الشعارات الحالمة للعسكريتارية السودانية، فلا نحن حقيقةً أرقنا دماء دفاعاً عن وطن.. وبالتالي صار الوطن مستباحاً لمن استطاع ارتداء البزة والنجوم والنياشين.. العمود الفقري للعسكريتارية السودانية كانوا (السودان) ذلك الخليط من النوبا والفور والدناقلة والنيليون.. من شكلوا البؤر السكانية في الموردة والسجانة والحلفاية.. من توارثوا تقاليد عسكرية صاغتها القبلية والبريطانية والمصرية والتركية.. ولعل هذا يرسم إطار منهاجية التطهير المؤسسي (أو العرقي) داخل الجيش السوداني
أرتضى من أرتضى وأبى من أبى
الجيش السودان قد تم تطهيره عرقياً

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Greek Engima..

Greece is country of 11 million, with 56% unemployment, yet its GDP per capita exceeds $21,000.. Greek economy is based at 81% on service, which includes the largest maritime fleet worldwide.. Despite many were cautious at 2001; on Greece subscription to the Euro Zone, the political vision could not grow without the land of civilization and history..
EU had heavily support the Greek economy, tell the overall debt exceed 170% of its $270 billion GDP.. Adding the IMF loans, Greece has to pay back about $700 billion; which will never rationally and mathematically happens.. Certainly, many hard working Europeans rejects the bleeding of their taxes for Greece, many felt anger for the "lazy" Greek survive and entertain themselves by the moneys of the European Tax Payers..
Therefore, none could understand, or comment; why the famous Greek Finance Minister had resigned, despite 65% success of the "No" vote..!
What was not told that Greek Economy has 25% shadows, and Gold stock exceeds the value of their GDP.. In addition, Greek Governments did not introduce any serious initiatives during the last 20 years to uplift and develop the economy.. Greek slipped to represent what Germany had during WWI times.. Yet Greeks enjoy Sun, Sea and Auzu..!!
This is the story, which many enthusiastic ones politically read as a struggle between mighty and weak nations.. The very naked truth, it is an economic  struggle between serious and lazy nations..!! 
Prosperity is never made by heritage, nor by dreams..

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Federal Three-Strikes Law..

Supreme Court Ruling Starts Emptying Prisons

While progressives are justifiably celebrating the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, the Court made another decision that spells the beginning of the end of the Prison Industrial Complex. The Court decided that the Federal three-strikes law is unconstitutionally vague.
That’s been the problem all along, hasn’t it? California courts sentenced a man to life imprisonment for stealing a pair of socks worth $2.50. When bankers steal hundreds of millions of dollars and get no jail time at all, ordinary people have to believe the legal system makes no sense at all.

Republican president Richard Nixon started this off by declaring a War on Drugs in 1971. Prosecutors everywhere used this so-called War as an excuse to put black Americans in prison. As a result, while blacks in California comprise only 3% of the population, the prison population convicted of a third strike offense is 45% black. It doesn’t help the black population that most of them can’t afford a decent lawyer, but still, police concentrate on rousting and arresting young black men.

Republican front group and law-making syndicate ALEC added to the prison population by writing determinate sentencing laws and convincing state legislatures to pass them. These bills had the effect of forcing blacks to spend decades in prison for possession of what were erroneously defined as Schedule I drugs. Private prison corporations, who profit heavily when more people are sent to prison, also support ALEC.

With the Supreme Court decision in Johnson v. United States, support for imprisoning blacks comes full circle. By an 8 to 1 margin, the most conservative Supreme Court in US history decided that the Federal Law that authorized strict penalties for 3rd strike felonies is unconstitutional. This reverses decades of cases where the Court ruled that locking up people for minor crimes and throwing away the key is just fine.

The question now is, “Where do we go from here?” This decision only affects federal cases, but it does mean that thousands of federal prisoners will have their sentences reviewed. In California, which has already changed its 3rd-strike laws, the total number of prisoners dropped nearly 9.4% (15,493 people) between 2010 and 2011. But federal prisons hold twice as many prisoners serving drug-related terms, so it is possible as many as 15%, or 30,000 will be released in the first year.

Will legislatures be able to resist pressure to keep these laws on the books? Given the changed political landscape with regard to racial profiling (which is now outlawed in many jurisdictions) and Marijuana use (which is now legal in 3 states and the District of Columbia), we can hope that many legislatures will correct their racist laws. At least, we can all work to force them to do it by electing Democrats to state legislatures.