Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Monogamy: Not one-size-fits-all

One-night-stands and affairs happen in all kinds of relationships. Some people say that's a sign of the failure of monogamy. Here's why sexual fidelity is hard to stick to — and why it still makes sense.

It's late, the booze is flowing, the woman is beautiful. Flirting and kissing are followed by a hook-up. All of that wouldn't be a problem if Max wasn't married. His wife doesn't know about her husband occasionally having sex with other women. The sexual partners don't mean anything to Max, he says — he's merely letting his sex drive take over every once in a while. 
"I know it's a natural thing," Max said to DW. "But it's definitely wrong as well."
Gertrud Wolf is a couples' and sex therapist. "Humans aren't monogamous by nature," she says.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Organization Of The Ancient Roman Army

The ancient Roman army was known for its sheer discipline and incredible organizational depth. Pertaining to the latter ‘quality’, an animated short video by Blair Harrower aptly demonstrates how the Romans organized their army down to the last details when it came to troop-types, corresponding officers and their formations, thus alluding to an impressive tactical scope that was matched by very few ancient armies. Now it should be noted that the animation showcases the scope of post Marian reforms – a military system overhaul that only took place after 107 BC (thus corresponding to the late Roman Republic and the subsequent Roman Empire).

Four Fingers Sign

Eradication Radical Islam is almost Impossible
Let's take it as a fact..

The sustainable mistake that all Muslims have gone through, is the clarity about what Radical Islam is, and what impact it may bring to their lives, and what is the demise between Radical Islam and Righteous Islam

The fact is fewer communities had experienced the magnitude of Radical Islam.. the rest are just Talking about.. Imagining.. or Confused about..!!

Radical Islam is not only the Muslim Brotherhood, as the platform for all political, violent and terrorist groups, but also, the massive populations of ill-educated about Islam.. This later category would include almost everyone who had Islam as a religion of Birth or Conversion..

There are very few criteria of Radical Islam, which I shall try to elaborate in simple terms:
  • Confidence of being the Chosen Ones, despite deny
  • Referring to Quran only, ignoring Hadeeth
  • Imitating old timers mindset and culture; with twists
  • Autistic by heart, despite fake openness
Which Muslim feels that s/he is full equal to others??
Be Frank... No one
It is embedded in all teachings and upbringing that a Muslim person is Super.. Similarly are the Jewish

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Attila & Rome

After partially recovering from his earlier defeat in Gaul (modern France) the year before, on this day in 452 AD Attila “The Hun’s” gaze became fixed on Italy as he marched his army through the Alps into the heartland of the Western Roman Empire.

The “barbaric” nature of the Huns was well known to the Roman citizens. This perception was mainly brought about through the Roman perception of northern nomadic tribes who were seen as lacking culture, raiding the extremities of the Empire in search of wealth and land. Whilst not as black and white as this, with writer Priscus of Panium dining with Attila and showing him in a better light their incursion into Italy was brutal. The northern city of  Aquileia was completely destroyed by the advance with other cities such as Verona and Milan were looted with much of the population devastated. Major concerns began to show themselves as the next clear target for this seemingly unstoppable force became Rome itself where fears of murder, rape, and destruction began to fill in the streets of the city.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


طوق الرقيق الحديدي ، الروماني ، القرن السادس عشر الميلادي. يقول النقش "لقد هربت ؛ أمسك بي. عندما تعيدني إلى سيدي ، زونينوس ، ستحصل على عملة ذهبية". كان هذا مختومًا حول رقبة العبد لذا لم يكن هناك أي طريقة لإزالته

Roman slave iron necklace, was invented in sixteen century AD
Engraved text says:
I had escaped, if you catch and return me back to my Lord, you will rewarded with a golden coin
This was sealed around the neck, with no way to unseal or remove 

Monday, May 28, 2018


Many of us spend our entire lives trying to achieve happiness and the perfect life balance to leave us fulfilled.
 Japan may have cracked the code centuries ago.

Friday, May 25, 2018

انا اللص في داري

*(من أجمل قصائد أحمد مطر)*

دخل لص خلسةً إلى داري
فسرق ساعتي ومزهرية الورد وقلادتي

بحثت في كل مكان
عن لصٍ سرق متاعي

بحثت عنه في الأسواق وفي السجون
لعلي أستعيد مالي 

فلم أجده فقررت
أن أذهب إلى الشرطة

دخلت على قائد الشرطة
لكي يقبض على اللص
سارق داري

بدأت أبلغة فرأيت بيده
ساعةً تشبهُ ساعتي

فقلت يا سيدي عذراً
لعلكم قبضتم على سارق داري

فهذه الساعة التي
في يدك
ورثتها عن أبي وأجدادي

فنظر نحوي بخبث وقال ياحراس
أدخلوه السجن الانفرادي

وبعد عامٍ أُطلق سراحي
فقررت أن أذهب إلى القاضي

أشتكي قائد الشرطة
ولص ٍيعبثُ بداري

وقفت أمام قاضي القضاة أبحث عن حقي
فرأيت أمامه مزهرية أزهاري

قلت ياسيدي القاضي
هل قبضتم على اللص
الذي سرق داري

فهذه المزهرية ملكي
وفيها كنت أضع

صمت الجميع بما فيهم أنا
بعد أن صرخ القاضي

ياحراس خذوا هذا المجنون من أمامي
وعلِّموه كيف يحترم القاضي

وبعد عام أو عامين
تذكرت أني كنت
في حضرة القاضي

ذهبت مسرعاً ومستنجداً
إلى سيدي الوالي

شرحت له كل شيء بالتفصيل الممل
هذا ياسيدي ماجرى لي

اللص وقائد الشرطة
وقاضي القضاة
كلهم صاروا أعدائي

نظر الوالي إليَّ متبسماً وقال أخشى أن تقول
أن قلادتك هي التي يلبسها الوالي

نظرت إلى قلادتي
معلقة في عنق الوالي

وفهمت الدرس اخيراً
بأني وما أملك ملكاً للوالي

فلم يدخل اللص داري أبداً
وإنما كنت أنا اللص
 في داري

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

البرلمانية والديمقراطية

رفع الآذان لصلاة المغرب علي بوابة قصر عابدين في القاهرة في شهر رمضان المبارك من عام 1942

مما لا شك فيه أن التوازن بين المؤسسة الدينية والرسمية كان أحد عوامل الاستقرار العام ، بغض النظر عن المنافسات السياسية وفق النظام البرلماني العام .. ولعل الخلل الني تضخم الى ما ما أصبحت عليه مصر الآن هو الثمن المدفوع لصياغة المشروع الديمقراطي 

فيما بين البرلمانية والديمقراطية بون شاسع لا يبدو للعيان

 البرلمانية هي مجرد شورى أكثر منها مشاركة ، والدور الرقابي فيها لا يعدو أكثر من واجهة رومانسية وبروتوكولية
بينما الديقراطية تسعى لكي تشارك في صياغة الرؤية وصنع القرار

  البرلمانية تستوعب كل النظم ، بينما الديمقراطية لا تستسيغ الملكية

Soul Talk

Netherlands, Museum Voorlinden

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dr M. is Back

My words are shocking for what we call collective consciousness or mind.. The Arabs, especially the Sudanese, can not learn the lessons generated by Malaysians:

1. Democracy is an expression of the basic rights of citizenship
2. Democracy is not exercised with the lack of infrastructure at the homeland
3. Democracy can not with the lack of awareness of its practice of the citizens
4. Democracy is not the slogan of the media, but a test for it
5. Democracy does not prevent politicians from mercenarism and corruption
6. Democracy does not mean urban development, participation in, or even protection of it
7. Democracy is protected by the awareness of the security services and their reluctance to participate in political life
8. Democracy is closely related to the movement of funds, investments and business
9. Democracy is not a populic demand, but for the elite who are destined to go honored and get rich

كلماتي صادمة لكل ما نسميه وعي أو عقل جمعي
الذي لا يمكن ان يتعلمه العرب ، وخاصة السوادنيين ، من الماليزيين:
1. الديمقراطية تعبير عن الحقوق الأساسية للمواطنة
2. الديمقراطية لا تمارس مع انعدام البنية التحتية للوطن
3. الديمقراطية لا تكون مع انعدام وعي الممارسة لدى المواطن
4. الديمقراطية ليست شعار شعار للاعلام بل اختبار له
5. الديمقراطية لا تمنع السياسيين من الارتزاق والفساد
6. الديمقراطية لا تعني التطور الحضري ولا المشاركة فيه ، ولا حتى حمايته
7. الديمقراطية يحميها وعي الاجهزة الأمنية وعزوفها عن المشاركة في الحياة السياسية
8. الديمقراطية ذات علاقة وثيقة بحركة الأموال والاستثمارات والبزنيس
9. الديمقراطية ليست مطلب شعبي ، ولكن للصفوة التي مصيرها للجاه والثراء