Progress is never a conciliation with the Norms.. Understanding is never an isolation from Cross-Borders.. and Love is never a Loneliness nor Greed..!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Sudans........!

The unknown and unpopular pitfall of Obama was enforcing the complex politics to partition Sudan.. a Replica of the famous 1949 Subcontinent partition.. This was meant to destabilize the Nile valley; using religious and ethnic claims; then enable Israel for the economic and politics upper hand on the region.. The Israeli focal point was Egypt's socioeconomic resources, led by surplus of sweet waters that Sudan is not using.. 

Creating Southern Sudan meant a new entity that was widely assisted by Israelis, and funded by USA.. It was not meant to prosper, but to freeze Egyptian projects to increase water supply from Lake Victoria.. Similarly, Israeli helps Ethiopia to build an unnecessary dam to reduce water supply to Egypt as well.. 

Southern Sudan was created as disfigured, orphan and disable to be a country by itself.. Many would reject my analysis, but it is the proven facts that continue to glow and grow.. Lately, some Southern Sudanese politicians had called to reunite with Sudan..!! 

Certainly, it will eventually and inevitably happen..

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

20 Things A True Gentleman Does Differently

The idea of the Gentleman grew out of the traditions of knighthood in a very dangerous period of history. 
While the concepts of knighthood and honor have long been out of fashion, some of the behaviors from that time still have meaning and purpose. The core concepts of the knight and the gentleman are similar: Protect the weak and defenseless, show compassion and mercy, speak the truth, and be courteous to others, especially women. 
So what are some of the actual behaviors of a true modern gentleman?
Opens Doors
A gentleman holds the door for others to go in. He definitely opens the door for women and lets them go through first.
On Time
A gentleman shows up when he says he is going to show up and doesn’t leave others waiting. It is rude to show up late and waste other people’s time. Not only is being on time courteous, but it shows that you value their time.
Walks closest to the Curb
Walking close to the curb and putting yourself between a woman and any potential danger is what a gentleman does.
Offers his Jacket
If a woman is cold and doesn’t have a jacket, and you do, then you sacrifice your personal comfort to make a lady more comfortable.
Helps her be seated
A gentleman pulls out a woman’s seat for her and helps her move the seat in closer to the table.
He is Courteous
It seems like a small thing, but saying “please” and “thank you” to people shows courtesy and respect for others. It is a minor thing and costs you nothing, but can earn you valuable points with people.
Offers his Seat
If you are on the bus/subway/park bench and a woman does not have a seat, then you offer your seat. A gentleman sacrifices even small things like personal comfort for a short commute.
Offers His Arm
When out on a date, and you and your date are walking, offer your arm. It is classy, and women like to walk arm-in-arm with a gentleman.
Has Table Manners
Appropriate table manners mean a lot and show that you are not some uncouth barbarian. If you are at a BBQ joint, then by all means use your fingers and get messy. But, if you are eating at a restaurant with silverware, then use them; that knife and fork are there for a reason. Also, put your napkin on your lap. It shows refinement and class.
Is Not Rude to People
Even if the service is horrible, take the high road and be polite. It doesn’t cost you anything, it shows you can restrain your emotions, and it shows empathy and basic respect for others.
Picks up the Check
A gentleman reaches for the check, and in most cases should insist on paying. The rare occasions when a gentleman doesn’t pick up the check, he at least makes the attempt to get the check and puts up a token struggle before conceding. When he picks up the check, whether for a date or for friends, he never expects something in return.
Is Attentive
When someone is talking, you should be listening and listening closely. Don’t fiddle with your phone or watch the TV in the background. Look at the speaker and listen to what they are saying. A gentleman also notices how others look. Complement a woman sincerely. “You look stunning” is an appropriate compliment and will always make a woman smile.
Keeps his Word
If a gentleman says he is going to be somewhere or do something, he does it. It is that simple. Do what you say you are going to do.
Keeps a Secret
If a gentleman is told something in confidence, then that information goes into the vault. He doesn’t blab it to others.
Does Not Kiss and Tell
Nobody needs to know what your significant other looks like without clothes, how good they are in the sack or what freaky things they like. Keep it to yourself.
Does Not Hit Women
A gentleman’s role is to protect women even at the cost of their own life. A gentleman never hurts a woman. The only exception to this is if a woman is trying to kill an innocent person. Outside of extreme circumstances, a man should never lay his hands on a woman in anger.
Waits For Others to Get Their Food Before Eating
When at a restaurant, a gentleman waits until everyone has been served before starting to eat. It shows patience and courtesy.
Is Honest
A gentleman tells the truth even if it hurts him. Honorable people tell the truth, always. A gentleman is trustworthy.
Gets Stuff Done
A gentleman knows how to do stuff and gets those things done. A gentleman can fix the car, splint a broken limb, change the baby’s diaper or cook dinner. Gentlemen know how to do things and can get those things done. He is a jack of all trades, a Renaissance man, or the most interesting man in the world.
Protects the Defenseless
A gentleman, at his core, is a warrior and stands ready to jump into harms way to protect the innocent. Bravery, courage and fearlessness are the hallmarks of a gentleman. He stands up for the downtrodden, he protects women and children, and he risks his life to save the lives of others.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

ملح الأرض المصرية

لعلي دوماً احتفي بالعمل السينمائي الرائع "الأرض" الذي تم انتاجه في دوامة البحث عن الهوية في مصر السبعينيات
في تقديري أن هذا العمل قد تناول كافة مكونات الهوية المصرية ، واحتفل بتفردها وتمازجها وتداخلها وتضاربها معا
بين الباشوات والانجليز والضباط والفلاحين والحكومة والأزهريون والأفندية ، والهجانة كذلك

هذه مصر التي لا يعرفها الكثيرون من أبنائها ، فضلاً عن جيرانها ، وعلى الأخص السودانيين
فكما كانت مصر عاملاً في السودان ، كان السودان عاملاً في مصر
أدرك من أدرك ، وغفل من غفل

تذكرت هذا العمل بينما اتفحص صورة جميلة نشرتها صديقة عزيزة
تحت عنوان
نظرة الى المستقبل بين مصر والسودان

لعلها بشرى مباركة للخير ، بإذن الله

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The vagina is frighteningly powerful....!

Trevor Noah recently released a hilarious stand-up special for Netflix ― and during it he made sure to praise pussies. 
Noah dedicated an entire segment of “Afraid of the Dark,” which was filmed during the 2016 New York Comedy Festival, to the power of the pussy. He laments the use of the word “pussy” as an insult that implies weakness:
Have you ever come across a pussy? You realize vaginas can start revolutions and end wars. You realize, even on a physical level, the vagina is one of the strongest things that have ever existed. Virtually indestructible...The vagina is frighteningly powerful. You realize that human beings come out of a vagina.
Human beings come out and still it continues to work as intended. Do you understand how impressive that is? A human being comes out of the vagina. And still, it continues to operate, it continues to work, after a human has just come out. You’re saying it’s weak? You just sit on a penis wrong and it breaks. “Don’t be a penis,” that should be the phrase. I wish I was a pussy. 
This is also not the first time Noah has given a shoutout to “strong, powerful” vaginas ― in December of 2015, he performed a similar segment on “The Daily Show” after a Fox News pundit called then-President Barack Obama a “total pussy.”

Monday, February 6, 2017

الجنون بين الكورة والفورة

لست من مشجعي كرة القدم ولست ممن يستمتعون بمتابعتها ، بالتأكيد ذات يوم كنت مثل الكثيرين ألتهب حماسة وفورة تجاه المباريات والأندية والكؤوس ، ولكن لا شئ يدوم

وبالطبع شتان بين الرياضة عامة والكورة خاصة في أيام شباب جيلي ، في الستينات والسبعينات ، وبين ما يحدث الآن .. ذات يوم مثلما قيل كان يتم تشجيع اللعبة الحلوة ، ويحضرني في هذا مشجعي أحد الأندية الانجليزية في العام الماضي ، حين بادروا بالهتاف وتشجيع الفريق المنافس عندما أخفق فريقهم في تقديم اللعبة الحلوة ، كما أحب تسميتها .. وكذا في سائر منافسات الرياضة ، يسافر الناس للألمبياد ، ليس لمجرد تشجيع فريق ما ، ولكن للاستمتاع بانجازات البشر وتحديهم لقوانين السرعة والجاذبية والقدرة .. ولعل انجذاب الكثيرين لمباريات ألعاب القوى يترجم الوحدة الانسانية في تقدير الانجاز وليس مجرد المنافسة والفوز

تحضرني هذه الأفكار بينما اتفحص بعض التعليقات حول مبارة الكاميرون ومصر على لقب كورة القدم الأفريقية ، وبالطبع لم أشاهدها ولم أعلم نتيجتها سوى أن الكاميرون قد فاز باللقب ، بينما كال بعض المصريين السباب على الأفارقة عامة ، والسود خاصة .. وانبرى كثير من السودانيين بالحبور لفوز الكاميرون ، ورد الكيل للمصريين بالشماته

ولما كنت أهتم أولاً بالشأن السوداني ، وثانياً بالمصري ، وثالثاً بناطق العربية ، ورابعاً بالمسلم ، وأخيراً بالانسانية جمعاء ، فإنني لا أملك سوى ترديد الدعاء بأن تنجلي الغمة عن البصر والبصيرة ، لكي ندرك أن الحمق الذي يتضخم ويفيض على شعوبنا ليس سوى إدانة لأصحاب العقول والأقلام ممن يسمحوا لمشاعر اللاحب والكراهية أن تسود مسرح القلوب والأفهام

ساسة السلطة وسدنتها من الاعلاميين يجدون في إزكاء المشاعر القومية فرصة لتطوير السلطة واستدامتها وحصد المنافع من ورائها ، ومع سطوة أجهزة الاعلام وأدواتها ، يسقط الناس ضحايا للتغرير والتضليل ، ويلحق بهم غالب مدعي الثقافة والفهم والريادة ، ويتحول الجمع الغفير إلى قطعان لا تستطيع حتى المواء بغير اشارات موحية من قبل السلطات الحاكمة أو أذيالها من أصحاب القلم والصوت والصورة ، ولعل دونالد ترامب قد صدق في طرح قضايا التضليل الإعلامي برغم معارضة المؤسسة الاعلامية الاميريكية

قد تفوز الكاميرون أو مصر أو غيرها ، ولكننا حتماً نخسر مباراة الانسانية والفهم والتضامن

قد لا يكون غريباً أن تثار في مصر مسألة الأبيض والأسود ، قد لا يكون غريباً أن ينبري السودان لما لا ناقة له فيه ولا جمل ، قد لا يكون عجباً أن نقبع في ذيل الانسانية ، ولكن الغريب هوس المواقف واستمتاع غالبيتنا بهذا الحضيض 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Land of Punt

Many archaeological proofs were found in Somali region 
The Somali Pharaonic Identity is proved ! 
Many Egyptologists used to say that the Land of Punt ,located in Somali region ,was the birthplace 
of the Ancient Pharaohs ,their ancestral homeland

They simply succeeded to accommodate what the Sudanese failed to, 
despite distance and geographic's.. 
We have a serious intellectual pitfall in the Sudan 
Unless resolved, we shall stay doomed by the Don-Quixotism

In Sudan:
We hate the academic term Egyptology
Despite the fact that the term Sudan is relatively recent

We challenge the Egyptian civic service
Despite it had factually build the Sudan

We denounce the Egyptian intellect
Despite how our strategic security is structured by Egypt

We distant our selves from Egyptians
Despite how many families and dynasties are genetically Egyptians

We curse Egypt in almost everyday
Yet at any day, more than 5 millions Sudanese are resident in Egypt

We always threaten Egypt to cut off the Nile-water supply
Yet, no one asks what shall we do with this waters..?

We claim grown up that Egypt should not big-brother
Yet, we celebrate their support and got offended by their neglection

Plenty of Psychic syndromes..!

Mystery Eyes

In Dubai, many profiles, personalities and trends had used to live together
Yes, among the 220 nationalities, Indians dominate the scene

I love roaming around the downtown, at the end of the business day
Observation of the faces and eyes will tell endless stories about Dubai
Abut humanity and the distended challenges

Our eyes had met for a moment
I drive my SUV.. She walks.. in opposite directions

I had received thousands of words in such a moment
Confusing, mysterious and contradictory vocabularies 

Either she was searching for a savior
or looking for a customer

I do not know..!

اضطراب ستوكلهم

اضطراب ستوكلهم 
 مجموعة من الاضطرابات النفسية التي تصيب الإنسان نتيجة تعرضه لخطر، إلا أنها تولّد شعوراً بالتعاطف مع مصدر الخطر، حيث يبلغ هذا التعاطف حد رغبة الضحية بإنقاذ المعتدى من العقاب،او تقديم مبررات لكن ما هي الأسباب التي تدفع الضحية إلى ذلك؟
 الخطف ك مثال
أول الأسباب أن الرهينة تشعر بخطر داهم ومفاجئ بداية الأمر، ً، لكن بعد فترة يجد أن الخاطف يقدم له أسباب الحياة، كالطعام، والشراب، بل و أحيانا العلاج، ثم يبدأ الشعور بارتياح تجاه بقائه على قيد الحياة بعد مرور وقت من الاختطاف، حيث يفكر الشخص الواقع في الأسر، أن المختطف قادر على قتله منذ اللحظة الأولى ليثبت جديته ، لكنه لم يفعل، فيفسر ذلك على أن المختطف لا يريد قتله، بل يعتبره منحه فرصة جديدة للحياة. العامل الأكثر قوة؛ أن مصدر الخطر يتغير من وجهة نظر الرهينة، خاصة بعد أن يتأكد من حسن نية المختطف، ليصبح تدخل الشرطة واقتحام المبنى، هو مصدر الخطر الأكبر بالنسبة إلى الرهينة؛
كما يرتبط هذا النمط من التعاطف الغريب بطبيعة الخاطف
علماء النفس استخدموا الظاهرة دي لتفسير خضوع الشعوب للظلم و سكوتهم عليه.وتعاطف المرأة التى تعيش فى مجتمع ذكورى مع المتحرشين مثلا 
بان تعطيهم اسباب لقيامهم بالتحرش او قيامها بالدفاع عن زوجها مثلا اذا ضربها او تقديم مبررات لة 

Stocklhm disorder
 A group of mental disorders that affect humans as a result of exposure to risk, but they generate a sense of empathy with the source of danger, with a passionate desire to end the victim rescued the victim of retribution, or justification, but what are the reasons that drive the victim to that?
 Kidnapping as an example
The first reason is that the hostage is danger ahead and sudden beginning, but after a while find that the hijacker give him the reasons for life, such as food, drink, and even sometimes the treatment, and then start feeling comfortable about his survival after the time of the abduction later, where he thinks Indeed, the person in the household, that the hijacker is able to kill him from the first moment to prove his seriousness, but he did not do, Vivsr so that the hijacker does not want to kill him, but he considers him a new lease of life. The most powerful group; that the source of the threat is changing from the standpoint of the hostage, especially after making sure of the good faith of the kidnapped, becoming the intervention of the police and the storming of the building, is the greatest source of danger for the hostage;
This pattern is also associated sympathy strange nature of the hijacker
Psychologists used to explain the phenomenon de undergo peoples of injustice and silence Alih.otatef women living in a patriarchal society with harassers, for example, that give them the reasons for doing molesting or doing to defend her husband, for example, if you hit him or provide justifications

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Intra-Elite Competition: A Key Concept for Understanding the Dynamics of Complex Societies

Death of Gaius Gracchus (François Topino-Lebrun) Source
Intra-elite competition is one of the most important factors explaining massive waves of social and political instability, which periodically afflict complex, state-level societies. This idea was proposed by Jack Goldstone nearly 30 years ago. Goldstone tested it empirically by analyzing the structural precursors of the English Civil War, the French Revolution, and seventeenth century’s crises in Turkey and China. Other researchers (including Sergey Nefedov, Andrey Korotayev, and myself) extended Goldstone’s theory and tested it in such different societies as Ancient Rome, Egypt, and Mesopotamia; medieval England, France, and China; the European revolutions of 1848 and the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917; and the Arab Spring uprisings. Closer to home, recent research indicates that the stability of modern democratic societies is also undermined by excessive competition among the elites (see Ages of Discord for a structural-demographic analysis of American history). Why is intra-elite competition such an important driver of instability?
Elites are a small proportion of the population (on the order of 1 percent) who concentrate social power in their hands (see my previous post and especially its discussion in the comments that reveal the complex dimensions of this concept). In the United States, for example, they include (but are not limited to) elected politicians, top civil service bureaucrats, and the owners and managers of Fortune 500 companies (see Who Rules America?). As individual elites retire, they are replaced from the pool of elite aspirants. There are always more elite aspirants than positions for them to occupy.  Intra-elite competition is the process that sorts aspirants into successful elites and aspirants whose ambition to enter the elite ranks is frustrated. Competition among the elites occurs on multiple levels. Thus, lower-ranked elites (for example, state representatives) may also be aspirants for the next level (e.g., U.S. Congress), and so on, all the way up to POTUS.
Moderate intra-elite competition need not be harmful to an orderly and efficient functioning of the society; in fact, it’s usually beneficial because it results in better-qualified candidates being selected. Additionally, competition can help weed out incompetent or corrupt office-holders. However, it is important to keep in mind that the social effects of elite competition depend critically on the norms and institutions that regulate it and channel it into such societally productive forms.

Excessive elite competition, on the other hand, results in increasing social and political instability. The supply of power positions in a society is relatively, or even absolutely, inelastic. For example, there are only 435 U.S. Representatives, 100 Senators, and one President. A great expansion in the numbers of elite aspirants means that increasingly large numbers of them are frustrated, and some of those, the more ambitious and ruthless ones, turn into counter-elites. In other words, masses of frustrated elite aspirants become breeding grounds for radical groups and revolutionary movements.
Another consequence of excessive competition among elite aspirants is its effect on the social norms regulating politically acceptable conduct. Norms are effective only as long as the majority follows them, and violators are punished. Maintaining such norms is the job for the elites themselves.
Intense intra-elite competition, however, leads to the rise of rival power networks, which increasingly subvert the rules of political engagement to get ahead of the opposition. Instead of competing on their own merits, or the merits of their political platforms, candidates increasingly rely on “dirty tricks” such as character assassination (and, in historical cases, literal assassination). As a result, excessive competition results in the unraveling of prosocial, cooperative norms (this is a general phenomenon that is not limited to political life).
Intra-elite competition, thus, has a nonlinear effect on social function: moderate levels are good, excessive levels are bad. What are the social forces leading to excessive competition?
Because the supply of power positions is relatively inelastic, most of the action is on the demand side. Simply put, it is the excessive expansion of elite aspirant numbers (or “elite overproduction”) that drives up intra-elite competition. Let’s again use the contemporary America as an example to illustrate this idea (although, I emphasize, similar social processes have operated in all complex large-scale human societies since they arose some 5,000 years ago).
There are two main “pumps” producing aspirants for elite positions in America: education and wealth. On the education side, of particular importance are the law degree (for a political career) and the MBA (to climb the corporate ladder). Over the past four decades, according to the American Bar Association, the number of lawyers tripled from 400,000 to 1.2 million. The number of MBAs conferred by business schools over the same period grew six-fold (details in Ages of Discord).
On the wealth side we see a similar expansion of numbers, driven by growing inequality of income and wealth over the last 40 years. The proverbial “1 percent” becomes “2 percent”, then “3 percent”… For example, today there are five times as many households with wealth exceeding $10 million (in 1995 dollars), compared to 1980. Some of these wealth-holders give money to candidates, but others choose to run for political office themselves.
Elite overproduction in the US has already driven up the intensity of intra-elite competition. A reasonable proxy for escalating political competition here is the total cost of election for congressional races, which has grown (in inflation-adjusted dollars) from $2.4 billion in 1998 to $4.3 billion in 2016 (Center for Responsive Politics). Another clear sign is the unraveling of social norms regulating political discourse and process that has become glaringly obvious during the 2016 presidential election.
Analysis of past societies indicates that, if intra-elite competition is allowed to escalate, it will increasingly take more violent forms. A typical outcome of this process is a massive outbreak of political violence, often ending in a state collapse, a revolution, or a civil war (or all of the above).

Friday, December 16, 2016

الكوميديا العربية الخالصة

  مما لا شك فيه ، أن انهيار مؤسسات الخلافة الاسلامية وتناقلها عبر القبائل والشيع والفرق والعائلات ، لم تترك أثاراً كثيرة في ذاكرة المسلمين ، ويرجع هذا لسببين 

أولهما ، صفاء المفهوم العقائدي بأن الحاكمية لله ، وبمعنى أن الله سبحانه وتعالى يولي للحكم من يشاء ، وبالتالي لا يتدخل العامة في القرارات السياسة المتعلقة باستلام أو استلاب السلطة ، وهكذا الناس على دين ملوكهم ، ما لم يأمروا بوقف الصلاة ، وهو ما لم يحدث اطلاقاً في التاريخ الاسلامي

وثانيهما ، أن الفرق السياسية ومواليهم قد أدركوا الخيط الرفيع بين الشورى والمشاركة ، فلم يعرف المسلمون الديمقراطية الحديثة برغم وجود منابر الشورى ومجالسها ، والتي لا يزال معمول بها في غالب الأمة الاسلامية تحت مسميات متعددة ومختلفة ، بين مجالس القري في أندونيسيا ومجالس الشورى في الجزيرة العربية 

هكذا لا يعرف المسلمين المشاركة السياسية ، وهم عندما يحاولون تطبيقها تنشأ حمامات الدم على نحو عشوائي تتداخل فيه تراكمات المعاناة الحياتية ذات المفردات التاريخية الاقطاعية ، والتململ من قيود التسابق الاجتماعي السياسي ، فمن ليسوا من الحسب لا  يجدون حسباً ولا نسباً ولا مكاناً بين العالمين ، إلا بأثمان باهظة

غير ان التدقيق في الخريطة أعلاه ، سوف لا يغفل عن الترابط بين مواطن الاضطراب السياسيى الحديث وبين أقاليم الخلافة العثمانية ، بل الأمر يقود الى تصنيف مواطن النفور المتزايد بين المسلمين وغيرهم بما فيهم البربر الذين يتراوحوا بين الاسلا 
واليهودية وبقايا المعتقدات النيوميدية

هكذا قد بنى أردوجان اطاره السياسيي على استغلال مكامن الصدمة التاريخية في انهيار الخلافة العثمانية ، وتشرد المسلمين بلا خليفة ، وبين تقديم نفسه كمرشح لإحياء الخلافة الاسلامية ، ولعل مشروعه كان قابلاً للنجاح لولا تجاوزه للمحاذير في العلاقات التركية العربية ، والعربية العربية كذلك ، فضلاً عن إثارة حفيظة كلاً من الثأر الأوربي المكنون تجاه العثمانيين ، والمصالح الغربية في القلب الجيوبولوتيكي للعالم

ولعل ما يتثير العجب والاستغراب أن مسلمو اليوم من العرب والمتحدثين بالعربية ، قد باتوا على قدر شديد من البله والإعاقة الذهنية ، لكيلا يستطيعوا الفرز بين تطلعاتهم المشروعة في القيم الديمقراطية الحديثة ، وبين مشاركة مشروع سياسي مع فصائل الاسلام السياسي بكل ما تحويه من تشدد وكراهية واستغلال

هكذا صار معارضي النظام في سوريا يتضامنون مع الفصائل الاسلامية المتشددة من أجل اسقاط الأسد ، على الرغم من أن هؤلاء المتأسلمون ليسوا أصحاب عهد ، فمن ليس منهم لا عهد له

وهكذا ضاع العوام وأنصاف المتعلمين من الأعراب في إدراك الحقيقة من الخداع
وبين كراهية السواد في أعلامهم ، وحب الشهادة المطبوعة داخلها ، تكمن المهزلة التاريخية

هكذا بات الأمر كوميديا عربية خالصة