Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Belly Dancing..

You may choose who is your pick..!
Thanks to Adam Aba-Husain for the idea..
My tips: Who are the principle three school of Belly Dancing??
What is the main distinction among them??
Answer: Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt.. The foot-ware..!!
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  1. I know that I am far too strict and demanding concerning women's beauty being put on show. I don't think that right, in fact I think that destructive when women in a dress which is only for the bedroom and only for the beloved one exhibit themselves and perform an extremely sensual dance. I practice belly-dancing, I love it, but, as I feel the energies that it makes strongly moving, I think that its place is not the stage. Women among each other can dance like this or a woman can perform for her lover (husband). Exhibit such things in public destroys the woman pride, brings indecency to society and endangers the relationship between man and woman. This modern world awfully is about sensuality. It is high time to find true values of life and of relationships again. I am strict, I admit, but hopefully will not be considered an extremist. I grew up and still live in Europe, and I see the dangers that such shows carry.

  2. Dear Hana…
    In an earlier post, almost a year ago; I had put some briefs on history, controversies and types of the so called: Belly Dancing.. Kindly check:
    I do agree on each word of yours, which echo my own convections and beliefs. Belly Dancing had the momentum in Ottomans Palaces, as scared ritual in the famous “Hareem”. It never speaks the true merit of Arabs, Orient or Islam, as how it is now spreading and spontaneously known.. I’m not fan of it, even consider it as sort of porn; but I had put this new post to show the deterioration happening to Arabic Culture, when a feminine performance became shared by males..!! It shall never be banned, as many regimes had tried and failed.. it indicates the declining in morals, ethics and style as well..!

  3. Belly dancing helps keep fitness and it's also good for our health.When women are dancing,they look comfortable and with great confidence.I intend to have a belly dancing class and learn it.Wonderful!

  4. Belly Dancing in itself is a sort of art. In many kinds of dancing you can't see these artistic moves. And also, it has been in our culture since forever, banning it would really solve the problem. And it is also part of staying healthy and fit. It is agreeable to a lot of people to take classes in belly dancing, because like palette it is an art of movement. Yet somehow it has been marred and lost some its beauty, because it now mostly became a show of sensuality. But that at least can be redeemed, through putting rules as what is proper to wear while a woman is performing, because, in my opinion, that is the main issue. As for the part of men performing belly dancing... what is the world coming to???
    It is disgraceful.

  5. The migration of belly dance to Western Hemisphere will eventually help setting order and codes for the practice.. This is not exaggeration, but the pragmatic and logical civilization of the West, make it inevitable but to regulate activities and performances in order to sustain, improve and evolve.. If waiting for the oriental awareness to materialize, not Men Belly Dancers, but also Gays, Kids and sex business elements..!