Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Failed Sudanese Official

He is an Assistant to AlBasheer
He was a Professor for Agriculture Engineering at University of Khartoum
He is simply proven "disqualified.."

There is a need to define the governance; who's who.. what's what..
Being a Professor is only accredited by sustained mentoring capacity.. Being an academic institution is only sustained by upgraded contributions for society, science and development.. Otherwise, adjectives and nouns are just spelled letters..!!
If UoK truly functions, it should strip affiliations from such clowns.. However, itself requires practical, shameless and academic assessment..

Sorry enthusiastic guys..!!

True courage is to admit wrongdoings and facilitate serious attempts for recovery and corrections..
True Progress has no conciliations with the “addicted” norms..
This is how true and lasting change happens..


  1. It is a note to all wishful about the Muslim Brotherhood..
    It is an issue of political structure; not stimulating phrases..

  2. I have serious questions about his and their academic merits as well..!!
    Academia is the most valuable institution man had created.. worth everything to sustain and protect.. It got its value from its respected affiliates, staff, researchers and students.. It is not a matter of recorded history or dead legacy, but a living morals, manners and thoughts..