Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Clash of Civilization is Really True..?

Why it is questionable..?

It is widely proven vide the various details of behavior, mindset and likeness across the globe, that we are simply different..
Just carefully and comprehensively look around.. Observe how people interact, exchange and express.. Understand motivations, suppressions and parameters..

Admitting the existence of such clash is the 1st step for conciliation.. if meant to be..!!

Counter advocacy is only a proposed scenario for world peace; which is not necessarily to be the correct one.. It only suppresses disagreements and contradictions to emphasis on a concept of humane unification.. Such suffocated idea of strangeness don’t die, but hide.. When it comes out, it comes wild and unmerciful.. Look around for spilled bloods, ugly hatred and unbelievable atrocities; despite the massive campaigns for peace, solidarity and integrations..

Such campaigns had only elevated the personal humane value, rather than humane integration.. People are increasingly reluctant for scarify or unselfishness; while the greed for life spoils all social, political and knowledge platforms.. We became extremely selfish, unmerciful and intolerant.. Charities are driven by taxation compromises rather than duties..

Beware that there are more views out there than the circulated ones in media and social networks.. These only represent a quarter of Mankind..!

Despite the annual $3 trillion Charities, which would mean $1,500 for each poor person; yet we have more than 1 billion extremely unprivileged people with less than $1 a day.. Despite the amazing work, efforts and phenomenon of NGO, lots of inequality, illiteracy and cleansing are happening among 70% of the population.. Despite the mass media and cyber connectivity, ridiculous radicalism is growing from Oregon to Papua Genies, spreading and sometimes dominating more than 40% of earth.. Certainly; there is something fundamentally wrong in our approach..!!

Kindly; culturally and geographically categorize the response to Huntington’s Political Theory: who discusses, who understands, who doesn’t, and who objects.. and who doesn’t care..!! Such generated landscape will be amazing to visualize and read..

Not necessarily all great ideas are applicable, otherwise it would be Utopia.. The inevitable evil-confrontations we produce; can only be confronted by epistemic understanding and rationalizing our integration with each other.. It is not an spiritual love to exchange, but a physical necessity to exist..

Admitting the Clash of Civilization is not an appreciation of any or denouncing any.. Not an upgrade or downgrade any humane production.. It is only a statement that we are different.. Not necessarily to be lovers or enemies.. Yet, we have to integrate not only that we have some common psychological and biological unifications, but because we have to interact, exchange and integrate.. Simply: we need each other..

Maybe, if we avoid intensifying the lovely dream of humane solitary, true fusion will be celebrated..

Why such awful cartoon did not create great rows, while Buddhist, Hindu, Christians and Jews collectively have more believers, illiterates, unprivileged than Muslims..?


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