Monday, September 3, 2012

Egypt: A Historical Puzzle..

Famous Cairo Traffic, yet they manage..!!!!

Throughout history; Egypt was the most populous, industrial and technological center in the Middle East, which made it as magnet for regional skilled, business and labor migrations.. This had created the mixed ethnic and cultural characteristics of both State and People..

Therefore, most of ME socio dynamics, including ups and downs, progressive and negative, were either generated or influenced by Egypt, then echoed across time to the surrounding communities.. Careful analysis of the chronicles will result in many examples across all aspects of life..

This "Egyptian Phenomenon" was much clearer during the last century, whereas communications, mobility and travels were much easier, faster and intensive.. Also, Egyptian urban, economic and business trends were further complex; with greater demand for cross border resources and markets..

As Egypt was a leading figure, echoing events and incidents in its major sociopolitical centers would talk a while to transmit its referrals and features to listeners and observers across the Middle East.. Many of fashions, cosines and families became named Egyptian, while there were originally not..

At mid 1800th, Khedive had worked to replica Paris, Vienna and Rome into Cairo and Alexandria.. Remarkable openness in Education, Journalism, Gender, Academia, Civil Rights were inevitablly associated.. Turkish and Mamluk social ranking systems had ignited social competition and associated economic and industrial developments.. Despite how land reforms were absent, Agro business had stabilized and balanced the social order..

At early 1900th, all political, economic, academic and social concepts were systematically exported from Cairo and Alexandria to the surrounding Middle Eastern Capitals.. Some leading Egyptian industry and business men had migrated with shear knowledge, establishing new dynasties in Libya, Sudan, Lebanon and Hejaz.. Aristocratic alliances were strongly knitted among Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Iran..

At 1920th, Egypt had a Constitution, a Parliament, Elections, Ambassadors, Foreign Military Bases (in Sudan, Hejaz & Somalia), Ranked Civil Service and Records Agencies.. It was the most rich and powerful state, post the decline of Ottoman Empire.. AlAzhar had added lots of spiritual ranking to the powerful Egypt..

Between the World Wars; Nationalism, Islamization and Radicalism had rapidly grown within Egyptian Middle Class, who had accesses for better education, media and life style.. It took more than 50 years to echo elsewhere, as urban ranking was young, fragile and inconsistent..

Charismatic leaders of Egypt, despite the related controversies, had echoed both strength and skills of their precedents since the Pharaohs.. The very foundations of the Egyptian State had not changed despite Greek, Arab, Muslim and European Migrants, Settlers and Concurs.. Their collective assets of sociopolitical leadership was unprecedented nor replica elsewhere.. The assets were not only location or resources, but people who mix all brilliances and ingredients across the Middle East in a significant pot called: Egypt..!!

Regardless of individual or accidental achievements; most of Middle Eastern Political Estates, , Academia, Journalism, Civil Service were defined stable by 1970th, while their Foreign Service were functionally affective by 1980th.. Despite the oil exports, most the Economies had took recognizable shapes by 1980th or later.. Such paradox had created inevitable characteristic confrontations between Egyptians and other Middle Eastern people.. Certainly, personal comments would compile to build a (informal) statements or (unspoken) policies.. This is the reason of notable priddism or arrogance which are usually made in sarcastic forms, spread through the strong Egyptian Media Machine..

The long acting government of Egypt had the inherited processing and tools to dye the issues as per their relevance to formal strategies and interests; while would use the commons to reflect contradicting messages.. and vs. verses.. Typically, when a confrontation happens, there are no solid materials to prove any wrongdoings; which in return ignite fierce frustration and burning anger among the None-Egyptians.. Therefore, people are usually puzzled in the Egyptian Transactions; not defined, nor understood..!!

This is nothing compared to the modern Egyptian Pop music and albums, which most social ranks, classes and groups hilariously share the joy of its noisy rhythms and enjoy its ridiculously meaningless lyrics.. It is a convenient sphere for drugs, impudence and cheap entertainment.. If the contents of such pop songs are translated, it will be a universal scandal..!!

Typically in Egypt; Arabs are brothers who wear scarves, Shiite are Muslim yet infidel, Sudanese are honest yet Doormen, Africans are strong yet cannibals, Indians are Stupid, Malaysians are short, and Jews are stingy.. On the contrary, Turkish have the most beautiful women, French are adorable, German are tough and British are foxy.. USA is the paradise that worth migration.. yet Egypt is the Mother Land of the World..

I know, this article is harsh and would anger many Non-Egyptians, Egyptian Friends of mine, and my Egyptian family members.. yet, clarity is important to for any stable relationship..

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