Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some people, we love them; البعض نحبهم

Thanks Marwa & Khathleen for the inspiration

من روائع جبران خليل جبران

البعض نحبهم

لكن لا نقترب منهم
فهم في البعد أحلى

وهم في البعد أرقى
وهم في البعد أغلى

والبعض نحبهم

ونسعى كي نقترب منهم

ونتقاسم تفاصيل الحياة معهم

ويؤلمنا الابتعاد عنهم
ويصعب علينا تصور الحياة حين تخلو منهم
والبعض نحبهم

ونتمنى أن نعيش حكاية جميله معهم

ونفتعل الصدف لكي نلتقي بهم
ونختلق الأسباب كي نراهم

ونعيش في الخيال أكثر من الواقع معهم
والبعض نحبهم

لكن بيننا وبين أنفسنا فقط

فنصمت برغم الم الصمت

فلا نجاهر بحبهم حتى لهم لان العوائق كثيرة

والعواقب مخيفه ومن الأفضل لنا ولهم أن تبقى

الأبواب بيننا وبينهم مغلقه

والبعض نحبهم

فنملأ الأرض بحبهم ونحدث الدنيا عنهم

ونثرثر بهم في كل الأوقات

ونحتاج إلى وجودهم  كالماء  والهواء

ونختنق في غيابهم أو الابتعاد عنهم
والبعض نحبهم

لأننا لا نجد سواهم

وحاجتنا إلى الحب تدفعنا نحوهم

فالأيام تمضي

والعمر ينقضي

والزمن لا يقف

ويرعبنا بأن نبقى بلا رفيق

والبعض نحبهم

لان مثلهم لا يستحق سوى الحب

ولا نملك أمامهم سوى أن نحب

فنتعلم منهم أشياء جميله

ونرمم معهم أشياء كثيرة

ونعيد طلاء الحياة من جديد
ونسعى صادقين كي نمنحهم بعض السعادة

والبعض نحبهم

لكننا لا نجد صدى لهذا الحب في


فننهار و ننكسر

و نتخبط في حكايات فاشلة

فلا نكرههم

ولا ننساهم

ولا نحب سواهم

ونعود نبكيهم بعد كل محاوله فاشلة
 والبعض نحبهم
ويبقى فقط أن يحبوننا
مثلما نحبهم

By Gebran Khalil Gebran

Some people, we love them;
but we don’t get near them
because, from far, they are more seductive,
from far, they are more noble
from far, they are more precious.
Some people, we love them,
we do anything to be close to them,
we do everything to share every detail of our life with them,
it hurts to stay away from them,
it is impossible to imagine our life without them.
Some people, we love them,
we wish to live a beautiful story with them,
we come up with circumstances just to bump into them,
we come up with excuses just to see them,
we live a fantasy with them.
Some people, we love them,
but we keep it a secret to ourselves,
so we remain silent, even if it burns us,
we don’t declare our love, because the obstacles are numerous,
and the consequences are frightening,
and it is best for us that the door stays shut between us.
Some people, we love them,
we fill the earth with their love and we speak about them to the world,
we constantly whisper their name,
we need their presence… like water…like air,
we suffocate when they are not around.
Some people, we love them,
because they are available,
and our need to be loved pulls us to them,
because time flies, we age, and it scares us to stay without a companion.
Some people, we love them,
because they deserve nothing but to be loved,
we learn from them,
we build with them,
we paint the color of life with them,
we do everything to keep them happy.
Some people, we love them,
but they don’t love us back,
so we break and fall,
we never forget them,
we love no one but them,
and we cry them over again, every time we fail to win their love.
Some people, we love them,
we just wait until they see us,
until they love us in return,
until they love us as much as we love them.

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  1. Adil:

    Isn't this poem a beautiful sentiment expressed. I'd like to think I can be inspiring and uplifting for others, yes.

    Thank you, truly.

  2. And I love that photo by the way -- perfect/perfection.

  3. Kathleen...
    Since I got the photo from your links..
    I was searching for a text to compliment..
    As how Gibran make it reflections all around one word..
    It was the Motion of Peotry expressed..!

  4. Yes, the motion of poetry expressed -- so very beautiful and heartwarming.