Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seeds of Anarchy

The following impressions record the evolution of chaos and misunderstanding among Muslims, without a particular chronicle order..
These are the seeds of concurrent anarchy, which I believe been created to last..
If I would feel sorry for anything, it will be for both current young and forthcoming generations of Muslims, who will not taste the times of true Islam and Muslims which we had enjoyed..

Egypt's Hysterical Islam violates Sharia'h

Early Halal swimming in Gaza

A Somali won Muslimah Beauty Contest

Sudanese forced to abandon traditional customes

Hailrious Saudi Driving ban on Women

Indonesian Kids are forced to unexpanable Hijab

GCC Teenagers in Europe vacations

A Blind Egyptian Imam

A Hijabi Egyptian Youngwoman

Religious intolerance in Egypt - Churches Restrictions

The Hareem, the Famous Turkish Abuse of Islam

Sport Costume, a Quest over Convenience vs. Necessity

Slavery Denial.. A Fractured Epistemia

Modernity & Libraty: Boy-Grilfriends on top of Cairo Tower

The Spreading and Growing Fall of Ethics
Just a few..!!

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