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Charpoy or Angarabe..

Sudanese or Indian..?

 The influence of the Indian culture and ethnicity in Sudan is widely unknown, due to the absence of any serious anthropological studies.. Adding to this, the patriotic arrogance practiced among many Northern Sudanese in particular, who represent majority of literate and intelligentsia of the Sudan..

Between India and Sudan, an unknown historical story, goes beyond the recent 200 years (Suakin Times).. I personally guess it goes back to early Mamluk times (1500 AD), when Egyptian Navy had seized all western shores of India for long six months.. As how much this was the trigger of Egypto-Indian discomfort.. It was the Sudanese-Indian love story..!!

Ingredients of Indian Culture in Sudan are not limited to women's Jewelry, Perfumes, Dress, or men's Turban, Mustaches, Military-Code, but also to household’s Bed-Frames, Ornaments and Architecture.. Social customs of Weddings, Funerals, Gender and FGM are almost identical..

The 4000 km journey from India to Sudan was certainly too long and too old.. There are no clear evidences on time or route; which surprisingly had left no trace along possible ports of the maritime voyages or caravan trails..!!

Sudan is almost an in-land country, with lots of natural barrier towards the Red Sea.. Having such traditions to cross blocks of nations and territories; to find a comfort in Sudan is a big enigma that no one had the interests to answer..!!

Traditional Sudanese Angarabe (Charpoy)

Enjoy the Wedding cermonies of Sudaness Reem and Indian Mohammed

 Epistemic Tour on Charpoy

Charpai, Charpaya or Charpoy (Persian, Urdu, Saraiki, Punjabi, Pashto چارپائی; char "four" + paya "footed") is a traditional woven bed in the Subcontinent. In some languages like in Punjabi and Saraiki, it is also called a Manjaa or Manji and in Sindhi and Saraiki it is also called a Khatt, Khaatt or Khattra. It consists of a wooden frame bordering a set of knotted ropes. Traditionally the user would lie directly on top of the ropes without an intervening mattress. Its making begins with the tying of a jee (Life knot) at one corner of the bed.
In Dera Ghazi Khan, the big Charpai is also called a hamacha. This city has the world largest charpai.

A Brief History of Charpoys
Charpoys are an ancient furniture style still used extensively today in the Indian sub-continent. The earliest reference we have found is in Hobson Jobson, a glossary of colloquial Anglo Indian words and phrases :
Charpoy, s, H.(Hindi) charpai, from P.(Persian) chihar-pai (i.e. four-feet), the common Indian bedstead, sometimes of very rude materials, but in other cases handsomely wrought and painted. It is correctly described in the quotation from Ibn Batuta.* c.1350.-
“The beds in India are very light. A single man can carry one and every traveller should have his own bed, which his slave carries about on his head. The bed consists of four conical legs on which four staves are laid ; between they plait a sort of ribbon of silk or cotton. When you lie on it you need nothing else to render the bed sufficiently elastic.”-iii. 380.
*Ibn Batuta. Voyages d’Ibn Batoutah, Texte Arabe, (Societe Asiatique). 4 vols. Paris, 1853-58.

Charpoy/manji is an ancient furniture style still used extensively today charpoy is very light bed a single man can carry. The Charpoy is very versatile and functional piece of furniture we have taken this simple design to make many different pieces of furniture thus we have several sizes which include beds benches and footstools.
“Char Paya” in Persian meanings four footed bed stead of woven webbing or hemp stretched on a wooden frame on four legs common in this subcontinent of Indo-Pak the bed used in Pakistan India consisting of a frame strung with tapes or light rope. Charpoy is an important part of the lives of the Pakistani people it used as bed at night and for guest offered charpoy to sit and relax.
A manji is a traditional hand woven bed used all over Pakistan specially the villages of Pakistan it consists of a wooden frame bordering a set of knotted ropes. Charpoy is traditionally made of wood and its feet or (poy) are beautifully carved or decorated with lacquer or paints. It’s knitted with date palm leaves or a rope made of jute. Now a day’s charpoy also made of Iron pipe and knitted with colorful plastic rope.
Charpoy is multi uses furniture it used not only at home but at commercial basis on long route the village hotels used charpoy and serves food on it the traveler takes rest at mid journey the truck driver spend their night on these charpoy at road side hotels and restaurants. Char payee means four footed bed in saraiki and Punjabi it called manjaa or manjee and in Sind it called khatt khaatt or khattra or khatya traditionally user would lie directly on top of the ropes without an intervening mattress. It’s making begins with the tying of a life knot at one corner of the bed. In dera ghazi khan the big charpai is also called ahamacha this city has the world’s largest charpai

Images for the Multi-Uses of Charpoy in the Subcontinent


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiran Bridge..

I can understand the feasibility and added value to strategic connections and transportation between East and West Arab states, and the tighter control on Gulf of Aqaba..

I wonder why the layout is not perpendicular on Sinai from Jazierat Tiran, to drop near the Airport, away from beaches, Tourist center and shorter to only 20 km instead of 50.. This would not only maintain the eco system, but also would have urban viability.. Cuting down the cost from $3bln to only 1..

In addition, which is interesting to know: Is any information available on why President Mubarak had earlier rejected the project..?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


أملك من جرأة الحق والعقل لأقول بأن أحباء المصطفى ممن لم يدركوه ، هم من لم يحسنوا لغة الضاد ومتشابهاتها ، وعجموا عن اتباع ضلالات الفخر والهوى ، وتداولوا الاسلام منهج حياة دون شطط أو شتات ، وادركوا بالفعل والقول بأن الدين لله ، وأن أمة الأنبياء والمرسلين واحدة.. عليهم جميعاً صلوات الله وسلامه
I have the audacity of Righteousness and Epistemia to state that the Loved Ones of Al-Mustafa PBUH, are who have not eloquently spoken Arabic and mastered its controversies.. Are who have not followed Arabic delusions of pride and passion.. Are who have deliberated Islam as a way of life without excesses or distractions.. And who have literally realized How The Religion is only for Allah swt, and all Prophets and Messengers PBUT have a Singular Nation..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Arabic Fauxtography

لا أدري أحقيقةً فستانها شفاف ، أم الأمر فوتوشوب

كتب صديقي معترضاً على نشر صورة جثمان مكشوف الوجه لفنان سوداني شاب قد وافته المنية اثر علة لم تمهله طويلاً ، فمثل هذه الصورة تمثل انتهاكاً صريحاً للأعراف والقيم التي قامت عليها مجتمعاتنا منذ القدم ، حرمة الموتى تتصدر قائمة من المحرمات التي يجب التعامل معها ، أو هكذا كانت مجتمعاتنا

لعلي أحمد صديقي في محاولته ايقاظ النائم من القيم الاجتماعية ، وانتشال الغارق منها في سبات الفوضي ، غير أنني لا أملك حبس التعليق على مسلسل ظواهر استفزازية تجتاح المجتمعات في السودان والعرب والعالم الثالث: أجيال الألفية الثالثة

لعل جيل الألفية 1995 الى 2005 قد استلم عهدة قلقة من سابقيه ، أجيال أكس و واي ، الأول من مواليد 1965 الى 1980 والثاني من مواليد 1980 الى 1995
حيث عاصر أكس سقوط النظم والمفاهيم وانتفاضات الشباب من أجل التغيير ، بينما واي قد شهد مفردات في فلسفات التقنية التي أثمرت بدورها تطبيقات متسارعة للحاسوب والاتصالات والعمليات ، هكذا كان توقيع جيل بأن ( كل شئ ممكن) ، وصار توقيع الآخر بأن (لا مستحيل تحت الشمس) ، ومن ثمَ فلا عجب أن يقرأ علماء الاجتماع تدهور المفاهيم الاجتماعية لدى جيل الآلفية ، مقرونة بنسبة إلحاد متزايدة ، على الأقل في المجتمعات الغربية

هكذا ، عرف ناطقوا العربية صور وجوه وأجساد الشهداء من ضحايا انتفاضة القدس الأولى ، ثم صور الضجة الاعلامية (العالمية) لضحايا غزة ، ثم رويداً رويداً صور شهداء (الربيع العربي) مضرجين في دمائهم في مصراته وبيروت وصنعاء ، وأخيراً الصور المفبركة باستخدام الفوتوشوب لكل من الضحايا والجلادون في سورية ومصر والسودان ، والمتابع لهذ القراءة الفوتوغرافية عبر السنوات الخمسون الأخيرة يستطيع ادراك التغيير في المزاج الثقافي والقيمي العربي والمسلم ، الذي بدأ بالجدل حول تجسيد حمزة رضي الله عنه في فيلم الرسالة ، وانتهى مؤخراً بالتجسيد الدرامي لعمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه

هكذا ، صار كل شئ ممكناً بلا قيود

برغم حمد الأعداد المتزايدة من دارسي الحاسوب (سواء بالرغبة أم بالمجموع) فلقد تميز أبناء العروبة بتطوير (فبركة) ابتكار وتشويه الحقائق على صفحات المنتديات الاجتماعية الأثيرية ، دون وجود أعراف أخلاقية أو ثقافية تصنع أفقاً عملياً لا يجدر تجاوزه ، فالتسابق على أشده من أجل لي أعناق الحقائق ، والتفاخر على أشده بحجم الزيف الذي يمكن ابتكاره ، والمتابع قد لا يجد مثيلاً لدي الآخرين إلا وهناك تنويهاً بأنه غير حقيقي ، حيث صنعت قوانينهم ومؤسساتهم المتطورة حائلاً دون تزييف الوعي العام ، لذا صار من الصعب الاقرار بمصداقية أية وثيقة ، حيث طال التزييف صور ومقولات الزعماء والحكماء واللصوص والقوادين على حد سواء

هكذا ، لم يعد هناك مستحيلاً على الأرض العربية والمسلمة

بين الجيوش الالكترونية (الرسمية والمناهضة لها) في الخرطوم والرباط والقاهرة واسطنبول وعمان وفيالق الدرك والأمن العام في سائر المدن والعواصم العربية والاسلامية ، صراع للسيطرة على وعي الشعوب ، وعلى الأخص طبقاتها المسحوقة بين الدولار والدينار ، وبينما يفتقد النظام المدني العربي والمسلم أية أطر للحوكمة والمحاسبة ، فلا مناص من تدهور كل من الوعي والثقافة الشعبية ، وبالتالي يستشري التأكل والصدأ في سائر مكونات الأمة ، حيث تقلصت منظومة القيم إلى خدمة العروش والكروش والقروش والرموش ، ويتساوي في ذلك النظم الحاكمة والمعارضة والمتعاونة والمستفيدة ، على حد سواء

والله المستعان

Marketing Metrics..

Gone are the days of the CMO who is not fluent in metrics, analytics and spreadsheets. The internet has made marketing far more measurable (and therefore more accountable to the CEO and CFO) than ever before. Yet I still frequently hear from my CMO peers that they are struggling to find the right metrics that will get them credibility with the CEO and CFO, and show the real contribution of marketing to the bottom line.

I think the best marketing metrics look at the total cost of marketing, including program spend, salaries of the team, and overhead, and relate that cost to the results you care about -- revenue and customer acquisition. Other metrics like cost per lead, cost per follower, or cost per page view can be useful to look at within a marketing team, because they can help you make decisions about where to focus and what parts of your marketing process are broken; but most CEOs really just care about the cost and the net results, not the interim steps. This list of metrics is meant to focus on the most critical measures of marketing that your CEO will likely want to discuss with you.

Here are some metrics I've found useful over the past 5 years at HubSpot while growing our company, working with our CEO and CFO, and talking with our board members. I don’t have all the answers -- so please add your favorite metrics and thoughts on these metrics in the comments.

The 6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Wants to See

1) Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
This is your total Sales and Marketing cost -- add up all the program or advertising spend, plus salaries, plus commissions and bonuses, plus overhead -- in a time period, divided by the number of new customers in that time period. That time period, by the way, could be a month, a quarter, or a year. For instance, if you spent $300,000 on Sales and Marketing in a month and added 30 customers that month, then your CAC is $10,000.

2) Marketing % of Customer Acquisition Cost (M%-CAC)
I like to compute the marketing portion of CAC and call it M-CAC, and then compute that as a % of overall CAC. The M%-CAC is interesting to watch over time, and any change signals that something has changed in either your strategy, or your effectiveness.

For instance, an increase either means that 1) you are spending too much on marketing, 2) that sales costs are lower because they missed quota, or 3) that you are trying to raise sales productivity by spending more on marketing and providing more and higher quality leads to Sales.

For a company that does mostly outside sales with a long and complicated sales cycle, M%-CAC might be only 10-20%. For companies that have an inside sales team and a less complicated sales process, M%-CAC might be more like 20-50%. And for companies that have a low cost and simpler sales cycle where sales are somewhat humanless, the M%-CAC might be more like 60-90%.

3) Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to CAC (LTV:CAC)
For companies that have a recurring revenue stream from their customers -- or even any way for customers to make a repeat purchase -- you need to estimate the current value of a customer and compare that to what you spent to acquire that new customer.

To compute the LTV, you need to take the revenue the customer pays you in a period, subtract out the gross margin, and then divide by the estimated churn % (cancellation rate) for that customer. So, for a type of customer who pays you $100,000 per year where your gross margin on the revenue is 70%, and that customer type is predicted to cancel at 16% per year, then the LTV is $437,500.

Now, once you have the LTV and the CAC, you compute the ratio of the two. If it cost you $100,000 to acquire this customer with an LTV of $437,500, then your LTV:CAC is 4.4 to 1. For growing SaaS companies, most investors and board members want this ratio to be greater than 3X; a higher ratio means your Sales and Marketing have a higher ROI. Higher is not always better though; when the ratio is too high, you might want to spend more on Sales and Marketing to grow faster, because you are restraining your growth by under-spending, and making life easy for your competition.

4) Time to Payback CAC
This is the number of months it takes you to earn back the CAC you spent to get a new customer. You take the CAC and divide by margin-adjusted revenue per month for the average new customer you just signed up, and the resulting number is the number of months to payback. In industries where customers pay one time upfront, this metric is less relevant because the upfront payment should be greater than the CAC, otherwise you are losing money on every customer. On the other hand, in industries where customers pay a monthly or annual fee, you usually want the Payback Time to be under 12 months, meaning that you become “profitable” on a new customer in under a year, and then after that you start making money.

5) Marketing Originated Customer %
This ratio shows what % of your new business is driven by Marketing. To compute it, take all of the new customers you signed up in a period, and look at what % of them started with a lead that Marketing generated. This is much, much easier to do when you have a closed-loop marketing analytics system, but you can do it manually -- just know it will be time consuming.

What I like about this metric is that it directly shows what portion of the overall customer acquisition originated in Marketing, and it is often higher than Sales would lead you to believe. In my experience, this % varies widely from company to company. For companies with an outside sales team supported by an inside sales team with cold callers, this percentage might be pretty small, perhaps 20-40%; for a company with an inside sales team that is supported by a lot of lead generation from Marketing, it might be 40-80%; and for a company with somewhat humanless sales, it might be 70-95%.
Note: You can also compute this percentage using revenue, not customers, depending on how you prefer to look at your business.

6) Marketing Influenced Customer %
This is really similar to the Marketing Originated Customer %, but it adds in all the new customers where Marketing touched and nurtured the lead at any point during the sales process, not only by originating the lead. For instance, if a salesperson found a lead but then the lead attended a marketing event and then later closed, that new customer was influenced by Marketing. This % is obviously higher than the "Originated" percentage, and for most companies I think this should be between 50% and 99%.

Your Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet

Read more:

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الهكسوس عرفوا في الحضارة المصرية باسم (الملوك الرعاة) باللغة المصرية القديمة هكا سوس واليونانيون سموهم الهكسوس وعرفوا عند العرب باسم العماليق، وشكلوا حكام الأسرتين 15 و16

ويقال أن أصل التسمية

( هك - سوس ) = ( هك = حق ؛ سوس = حصان ) = ( حق الحصان ) = ( مالك الحصان ) = ( ملوك الخيل )

وهم قوم ظلمهم التاريخ بأيدي الكتاب والمؤرخين الذين حاولوا طمس تاريخهم وحضارتهم ما أمكنهم ؛ ظُلموا في تسميتهم كما ظُلموا في تاريخهم وحضارتهم ؛ ورغم أنهم وُجدوا قبل الإسلام بقرون ؛ ورغم أن أروع مآثرهم أنهم إحتضنوا سيدنا يوسف عليه السلام ومن بعده سيدنا يعقوب عليه السلام وزوجته وأبناءه الأسباط ؛ ورغم أنهم جعلوا سيدنا يوسف مكين أمين وجعلوه على خزائن الأرض
وقال الملك إئتوني به أستخلصه لنفسي ؛ قال إجعلني على خزائن الأرض إني حفيظ عليم ؛ وكذلك مكنا ليوسف في الأرض يتبوأمنها حيث يشاء

ورغم أنهم سمحوا لسيدنا يوسف بإستقدام كل أهله إلى مصر
ورفع أبويه على العرش وخروا له سجدا

الهكسوس عرب جاءوا من فلسطين وبلاد الشام وتوجهوا إلى مصر وتغلبوا على الفراعنة وهزموهم وكونوا أسر حاكمة أمتد حكمها لما يقارب الثلاث مائة عام ، وخلال فترة حكمهم كانت رحلة سيدنا يوسف إلى مصر بعد بيعه ، وحسب العلماء أن المصرين القدماء في ذلك الوقت كانوا أصحاب البشرة السوداء بينما الهكسوس كانوا أصحاب البشرة البيضاء وأنهم يعودون إلى الساميين، وأن الهكسوس أحرقوا معابد الوثنية وأنهم لم يقروا بدين المصرين القدماء

اتخذ الهكسوس عاصمة لهم في شرق الدلتا اطلقوا عليها اسم اواريس (حوت وعرت) والتي يصعب تفسير إسمها

ومن أشهر ملوك الهكسوس الملك ابوفيس الذى أرسل رسالة إلى الملك سقنن رع والد الملك أحمس الأول يطلب منه إسكات أفراس النهر طيبة لأنها تقلق منامه في اواريس عاصمة الهكسوس ، بمحافظة الشرقية الحالية ، على بعد نحو 600 كم ، وكانت الرسالة بداية الجولة الأخيرة لحروب الهكسوس في مصر

كان الهكسوس متفوقون جداً على الفراعنة في كل شيء وخاصة إستخدام الحديد ، والأخطر صناعة العربة التي يجرها الحصان وهي تساوي في وقتنا الحاضر ناقلة الجند أو الدبابة

لمعرفة الهكسوس بأسرار الحديد ، صنعوا لأول مرة في التاريخ عربة يجرها الحصان تحمل رجلان مقاتلان أو أكثر ، يتفرغ أحدهم لقيادة الحصان رغم كونه مقاتل ويتفرغ الثاني للقتال تماماً ، وبهذه الطريقة إستطاعوا هزيمة الفراعنة والتغلب عليهم
لقد أرشدنا القرآن الكريم للتمايز الواضح والفرق بين الفراعنة والهكسوس في كثير من آياته المعجزة

فالقرآن الكريم عندما يتحدث عن الفراعنة وخاصة الحكام منهم يتحدث عنهم بلقب ( فرعون ) دائماً وأبداً ؛ وحينما يتحدث عن حكام مصر من الهكسوس يتحدث عنهم بلقب ( ملك ) وهذا واضح في قصة سيدنا يوسف عليه السلام

بعد خروج الهكسوس عن الحكم على يد أحمس دخل الفرس وابادوا وارتكبوا المجازر بحق اهالي مصر القدماء ثم جاء الاحتلال اليوناني إلى ان فتحت مصر على يد عمرو بن العاص

وبهذا نعلم أن حكام مصر وقت سيدنا يوسف لم يكونوا فراعنة بل هكسوس من فلسطين

وحكام مصر وقت سيدنا موسى هم فراعنة إستردوا الحكم 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

ABC Politics

Singapurian Unspoken Governance
When a Politician, or any Public Advocate commits a minor mistake, all his legacy would go in the drain, with total loss of credibility.. It will be total waste to further address any of his activities, regardless how innovative and creative they might be..

In the public arena there is no room for Forgiveness or Try-again..

This Maturity gauge is definition between Urbanism and Chaos..
Between Us and the Others..

Our underdeveloped people like spreading gossips, tales and justifications for who had gone wrong.. Then they claim been betrayed when everything around goes wrong.. Later they develop anger on how those Politicians had cheated them..

Maybe these are nations in love with suppression, anarchy and/or mindlessness..

When the envision is lost, what eyes would mean
When vision is lost, what pretty eyes would mean

Only Allah swt would help

عندما يسقط السياسي (أو كل من قصد العمل العام) في صغيرة ، فلقد سقط في سائر الكبائر ، وفقد مصداقيته بكاملها ، وصار من العبث ومضيعة الوقت ترصد ما بقى من أفعاله وكلماته ، بغض النظر عن الايجابية أو الابداع فيها

في العمل العام ليس هناك مكان لكلمة: معليش أو معلهش

مؤشر النضج هذا هو من يفصل بين التخلف والتحضر ، بيننا وبين الآخر ، حيث نحتفي بترديد الحكايات والتبريرات والمقارنات عمن بالفعل قد سقطوا ، ثم نجتر الخيبة الدفينة عندما تتردى الأوضاع والمصالح ، ثم نحثو التراب على رؤوسنا بأنهم قد نكثوا العهود.. لعلنا شعوب من هواة الاضطهاد أو العبثية أو اللاعقلانية

عندما تنطمس البصيرة فلا فائدة من البصر ، وعندما ينطفئ البصر ، فلا معنى لجمال العيون

الله المستعان
السقطات الصغيرة أو اللمم من الذنوب الشخصية شئ ، والسقطات الصغيرة من ولاة الأمور شئ أخر

ببساطة: من لا يمكنه ادراك الصورة الجمعية والكبيرة للأشياء ، لا يعد أهلاً لتولى الشأن العام ، واذا ما أسند اليه أمر أكبر من قدرته على الاستيعاب والادارة فقد أخطأ كل من تولى ترشيحة وتثنيته وتنصيبه

أمر الجماعة لا يحتمل التجربة والخطأ ، فالخطأ يقوَم بالسيف كما أقرها بن الخطاب ، مشرع الدولة العظيم ، وفي هذا تتساوى كافة الاخطاء كبيرها وصغيرها ، فثمن الخطأ هو واقع ومستقبل الجماعة بكافة أطيافها

وما آل اليها الحال في مجتمعاتنا سببه أننا خلطنا الخاص والعام ، ونصبنا أنفسنا ألهة ، نستحسن من نشاء ونعذب من نشاء من منتسبي العمل العام ، سياسيين كانوا أو موظفين ، دون أن تكون لنا أدوات العلي القدير جل شأنه ، في ادراك النوايا والسمو عن التأثر بالمجريات ، فكان خطأونا مضاعفاً ومتضاعفاً ، وسيدفع الثمن الفادح الأبناء والأجنة ، وستترقبنا لعناتهم بأننا لم نحسن الاختيار ، أو فرطنا في حقهم في العيش الكريم وارتسام المدن الفاضلة واقعاً لهم

القانون لا يحمي المغفلين ، أو الجهل به لا يعفي من المحاسبة ، والقانون هو الاطار المتوازن للحياة بين الواجبات والحقوق ، وحيث أننا وضعنا قوانين العمل العام ، فلا مجال للتسامح في انتهاكها ، وعلى النقيض ، فلقد وضع العلي القدير جل شأنه قانوننا الروحي والشخصي ، وبيده العفو كيفما شاء ، فبينما نحن نتأثر بنتائج تسامحنا ، فسبحانه ليس كذلك

الأمم الآخري لم تنهض لانهم كانوا أكثر رحمة ، بالعكس ، لم يتركوا مجالاً لرحمة أي مسئول ، وبرغم الشطط من السلطة الرابعة ، الا أن الجمهور صار أكثر معافاة من خلال الاختيار الطبيعي لنمو الأحداث والمجريات

The Slave Market..

Le Marché d'esclaves
The Slave Market
By Jean-Léon Gérôme،

Jean Leon Gerome had visited Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Syria, creating many paintings on life within Ottoman Empire.. At those times; Women were commodity for sale and buy, with preference for European women..
Total number of European females sold within Ottoman markets exceeds 1,250,000
This is more than all African bought into slavery in United States (800,000)

Many commentators had advocated how Islam encouraged Slavery, permitting Muslims to wed and mate their slaves as much as they can.. Regretfully, such false claims contradict the true essence of the Religion and factual chronicals of times..

Yes, Islam did not prevent Slavery, one of the oldest social codes among humans.. It had considered how it was economically critical at those times, yet no single phrase in Quran or Hadeeth had came encouraging Slavery..
On the contrary; Slavery had ealier declined by the emancipation, which was verdict or a penal tool against some violations..

However, much Muslims turned the activity into formal one using the given legislative opportunity in absence of literal prevention or prohibtion..
As usual, Philosophies and Religious frameworks are not to be blamed to followers ill-interpretations..!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

57th Independence Day..!

يا بلدي ياحبوب

كل ذكرى استقلال وانتم بخير  
هل سنحيا الى ذلك اليوم عندما تندثر مهنة ستات الشاي..؟

ذلك المؤشر الأوحد للتنمية البشرية في السودان  
When the time would come with no more Ladies serve Tea in the Streets, Sudan's Human Development is achieved..!!
Pls Guys, no more Slogans..!!
I'm certain of your good attentions.. yet, enough..!
Let's learn to live with what we have rather than what we dream about..
Pls spare the "Hopless Commons" any false dreams..!!

Criticizing Sudanese History

Shaza Zahran wrote on criticizing history..
Because our present times are crippled by misspelled history, I believe we have to reconsider..

Shall we set a framework to envision our chronicles..?
Shall we (at least) copy the footsteps of Mandela for rebuilding SA: Rainbowism, Reconciliation, and Governance..

Without a vision; there will be no credibility in assessing, criticizing or being inspired by History..

Rainbowism; is to epistemically acknowledge and accept ethnic, cultural and eco diversities.. It is the facts we did not make yet have to live with..!

Reconciliation, is to bravely admit and forgive all wrongdoings, from everyone.. Throughout history, we exchanged roles of aggressions, injustices and frauds.. No one is free from some guilt..!

Governance, is the inevitable role of law, code and referrals in all aspects of life.. Every nation is unique and can only survive by defining and maintaining such uniqueness..

Everything else, to feed the ever-hungry (or greedy) intelligentsia, will follow..!!!!

Shaza Zahran: VISION+ leadership !!! is what we lacked all way, that is the issue in simple terms!!

Adil Abdalla: I wrote a lot about Leadership in Sudan, till almost believe we are a barren nation..!!
However, Vision is a different product of our (ivory) intelligentsia and its attached circles, to debate about..!!
We have a long civic-urban path to experience..!

Shaza Zahran: True! We very young civil. Nation, about 57 years if not. Less.. Its going to take either a very bloody route to understand the basic principles of freedom,governance and equality or we have to act civilly and reconcile our differences which i doubt very much!!

Adil Abdalla: Properly very much less.. The consenses of Sudan as a nation was relatively new.. Despite the critics, I believe it was only emerged with Nimari.. The only Head who had toured the entire Sudan.. towns and villages.. Sort of sense of belonging and unity.. Therefore, we are an only 30+ nation.. or a 29-years old pretty yet naive nation..!!!

Dramatic changes are no longer a globally accepted option.. Despite the current bloodsheds, no one would support further atrocities.. The decline of protests tells a lot about the emerging dynamics of local politics and influencial controls and support.. People are simply frustrated more than anticipated by all rivals..!

Shaza Zahran: Because this regime used the SHOCK doctrine, it started with breaking the unions, the grassroots movements, convinced the people that. there no alternative, which is 70% TRUE, in my opinion, there no valid alternative. I say that with pain. The issue is not falling this regime, the issue is , who is ready to replace the regime . No plan in place!

Adil Abdalla: BTW, the surrounding Soldeirs are who had invented the ID-Code "Sudan" whom their kids and grands kids had kept the essense alive till date.. They were genatically mixure of all Sudan.. Traditionally live nearby the milltry stations in all Sudanese cities..

They remind my with my great grandfather..

Would he be one of them..?

Between Militry and Civilian..

Ex-Presidential Security Adviser Salah Gosh (Top Left), NCP’s Vice-President and Presidential Assistant Nafi Ali Nafi (Top Right), Vice-President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha (Bottom left), Sudan’s President and NCP’s chairman Omar Al-Bashir (Bottom right)

Sudan Tribune, December 26, 2012 (KHARTOUM)
Sudan’s president Omer Al-Bashir has reportedly held a meeting described as “candid” with detained leaders of an alleged coup attempt against his government as his senior aide Nafe Ali Nafe rejected calls for releasing them saying they must be tried for conspiring against the regime.

Intelligence authorities announced on 22 November that they arrested 13 individuals, including the former director of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) Salah Gosh and Brigadier General Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel-Galil known as “Wad Ibrahim” from the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), against the background of plotting a coup to overthrow the government.

The coup has been linked to disenfranchised elements within Al-Bashir’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and the wider Islamist establishment that underpins it, particularly to a group of erstwhile Mujahdeen known as Al-Sa’heoon who formed the core of paramilitary forces fighting the “holy” war against South Sudan...

Will Sudan surrender to "Civilians" or keep the tradition..?

Currently it is the hidden battle between NCP Militry and Civilian wings.. Whatsoever the results; it will not change the political course, but maybe will enhance controls and growth.. as a-must tools for NCP (or Sudanese-Islamists) hopeful long-life..

My comment is "ivory" without any engagements, even from my own self..!!